30 January 2009

Random Thoughts Friday

Lets get random...

- Thanks to everyone who commented on the "thin line" blog. I ended up sitting my daughter down and explaining that lying on daddy is not good and it could get me into trouble. She seemed to understand, I guess time will tell.

- Regarding the "Thirsty" blog a couple people asked what I said to the girl after she sent the pics. I said "you look good" of course.. lol after that I kinda just made general convo, I tried to keep it non-sexual. She wanted to engage in IM sex but that's a lil bit too lame of the kid. Again I've never touched this chick, and have no plans too.

- I get mad everytime someone passes around a card to sign in the office. They always ask for a gift, either for a new baby or because the person lost a loved one or something. When my baby was born I didn't get shyt! no card, no gift. When I was out for a month on medical leave I didn't get shyt! I'm not giving them shyt!... I love my co-workers though... lol

- I also dislike tipping the trash and cleaning people at my job. Every christmas they gather up money to give them a gift like they work for free. Last i checked they get a paycheck just like me, nobody tips me for fixing servers but you want me to tip someone for picking up the trash? that's silly to me. I only tip people giving me food and my barber. Basicly only people who can screw me over.

- A homeless dude stopped me and asked for some money. This is not unusual except for the fact that he admitted to just getting out of jail on a weed possession charge. He was the first homeless drug dealer I had ever met.

- My sister just bought a house (Yay Big Sis!!) only thing is now I'm her handyman. I was at her spot replacing locks, installing light fixtures and trimming hedges. All stuff I need to be doing at my house.

- My neice let my daughter paint a wall in the bathroom. Lets just say I had to wash her hair and a brand new outfit is now just for playtime. When I asked my neice why she let the baby paint with real paint she simply said "she wanted too, she did a good job" I'm sure she it was payback for teasing her as a child. I saw the wall, my daughter actually did do a decent job... lol

- My daughter is finally understanding how to play the Wii. She beat me 3 times in a row in Wii boxing. I've never lost to anyone before that. She even talked trash afterwards.

29 January 2009


I love being a guy. I love women too, every now and then I get reminded about how random and unpredictable women can be. Take this for example:

I was chillin on the computer when I get an IM from a girl I used to talk to. it went something like this

****: Has BUZZED YOU!! (you know this was yahoo im)
Me: sup
****: proceeds to send me pics of her nekkid in the shower and pics of her happy place spread open so I could see her birth canal.

Thats it, no prior convo between us, I had not even talked to her for a couple months.

After enjoying the pics I was both happy and sad, I was happy because nekkied women tend to make me happy but sad because this girl was just sooo open and needed some attention. She needed a hug. She wanted something else but she NEEDED a hug. Mind you I had never done anything with this girl, no sex, no kiss, no fondle... nothing. We had never even gone on a date. She was just a random girl I met in my outings. I barely even talked to her, she just felt the need to show me her pics. She just wanted some male attention. I guess to make me see what I was missing or to try and lure me into setting up a booty call with her. Seeing them pics actually had the opposite effect, it made me happy that I passed it up a while back when she first threw it at me. Following my instincts paid off once again.

Thirsty broads are the worst, I'd much rather work for my loving then have it thrown at me. If you give it up too easy most men lose interest and keep them around just to satisfy that need. She seems like she would be happy being my jumpoff though, that might be the worst part, shes just happy being a sex object. She's not demanding more from a man than good sex. Not that I'll ever want to find out.

I just chalk it up to another disaster avoided.

26 January 2009

The Thin Line

Usually I would do a weekend wrap up but i think today I'ma talk about being a dad. Specifically being a dad to a lil girl with a baby momma since that's all I have experience with.

My baby occasionally tells her mom that I beat her or hit her in the face. The truth is I rarely ever spank her. I might raise my voice and MAYBE once a month I spank her leg or butt. I've never hit her face because that shyt is just wrong. Now my daughter is 4 so I take everything she says with grain of salt. I mean this is the same lil girl who swears she sees Clifford the Big Red Dog everyday at school. Her mom takes everything she says as truth.

I think she tells these stories to get a reaction out of her mom. She uses it as a way to get on her moms good side since she knows her mom is just waiting to toss me under the bus. Every couple weeks her mom calls me to explains that the baby said i did such and such and she doesn't want me spanking her because it will make our daughter think it's ok for a man to hit her. She tells me how I should discipline our daughter and says that she will make me understand this in anyway she has too.

Now while I understand her point, I don't think a father spanking his daughter will open the door to an abusive relationship. I can't help but be offended that she believes I would hit my daughter in the face. I take that as a attack on my character. I mean how could she really think I was that type of dude? It's not like I EVER put my hands on her when we were together, and she upset me more than my baby ever could. Actually she has never seen me put hands on anybody, male or female. She doesn't even ASK me if I did it. She just assumes I did and responds. So I find myself in a place where my love for my baby is questioned. How can you prove your love for a child? especially to someone who doesn't sees your interactions with the child.

Just another twist in the complex baby daddy- baby momma relationship.

*I just realized the title of this blog might not have anything to do with the story. And this is post #200, I'm rolling.. lol