06 February 2009


Did i ever mention how facebook is a stalker? How it dry snitches on you all the time? You comment on a photo and it goes running off to tell all your friends. Facebook is the worst kind of friend. It can't keep a secret. it automatically tells you which friends you have in common, really it's just a nosy bastard. whats worse it is keeps telling you your friends business. If you comment on something it will let you know about everyone else who commented. if it wasn't so damn addictive I'd leave it alone. It keeps calling me back though.. lol plus it helped me kick my myspace habit cold.

That said here's a video my girl KGB sent me that brightened my day

03 February 2009

Dead Zone

I used to love watching TV. I would DVR all my favorite shows just in case I missed them. Spend Sundays doing laundry and catching up on them. It was a fun time in my life. Then I missed a couple episodes of a show and I didn't have time to catch up. So i just stopped. Stopped watching, stopped DVRing. I switched to watching food channel and ESPN when folding clothes and just moved on with my life. It actually mimics how I am with women, once the interest is gone it's over. Here are a couple shows I loved and some I lost... lol

24 - I was sooo addicted to this. Then i just completely lost interest. After Jack tried to stop that dirty bomb in LA i was done. plus the killed the first black pres on TV. Now I see the commercials and it all looks like the same episode.

Heroes - I thought this was the greatest show for a while. Then it kinda dragged out, I almost forgot about it until last night when a new episode came on. I halfway watched it but they are trying to do too much now, I'm losing interest.

Lost - I'm beginning to HATE this show. I watched the DVD to catch up on the first season and I was hooked. Just like Heroes they are starting to go into too many directions. Too many story lines and too many characters. i can't keep track anymore. If they didn't announce that it was ending next year I would stop watching. I'm going to try and stick it out till then just to see how the story ends.

Burn Notice - You've probably never hear of this show but it comes on USA and it ROCKS!!! this is the only show on my DVR that I'm actually interested in.

Afro Samurai - this cartoon sucked me in for a season then just went away. last week I saw they made a mini movie as like a season 2. it was decent, Sam Jackson does the voice of the main character, it's a good show but I'm thinking it's over.

The Boondocks - i could never figure out when this show came on. I liked the first season, the second was ok but I don't think they show it anymore. Maybe I'm just missing it.

That's all the shows I follow... no Law and Order Small Claims Unit, no House none of that other stuff people love. Honestly TV is getting really boring and now with no football i'm stuck watching the Lakers kick ass all around the NBA, I guess I can live with that. lol

EDIT**** I don't know how I could forget Nip/Tuck - that was one of the most random ass shows ever. I watched it for a couple seasons and it just kept getting weirder and weirder. At one point they introduced a midget and some woman who used her son's semen as facial moisturizer. I had to let it go for my own mental health. s

oh yeah... I kinda sorta have a girlfriend.