13 February 2009

Valentines Day (Repost)

This is a post I did last year for Valentines Day... I'm being lazy about it this year. Most ya'll weren't reading my blog a year ago anyway so it's new to you.. lol

"Why be nice 1 day and be an ass the rest" That quote from high school shaped my current view of Valentines Day. It was from some girl I knew, I can't remember her name, but she was talking about how the day is overrated. I thought about what she said and she was absolutely right, if your with someone and you love or care about them then why wait till Feb 14th to show it? why not buy flowers and balloons any other day? Besides the fact that it will mean more to them if it's a surprise you get the bonus of everything being cheaper in non-valentine season. They sell roses outside my job all year long. Usually it's $3 for 6, Today... $10 for 6. What the hell? I could wait till next week and get someone roses out the blue for cheaper and get more of an effect.

I've always just kinda skipped this holiday, too much hype around it and it seems like it's all designed to make people spend money. Plus if it was a real holiday I would get the day off work, since I'm typing this live from the corner it must not be a official holiday.
When people ask me who is my valentine I always say me or nobody. Then women always say "your daughter is your valentine".... uuummm no. I spoil her lil ass everyday, I refuse to spend this psudo holiday buying more crap for her. She can go to school and share cards, eat some candy or whatever but she is not my valentine. Valentines day is for lovers not showing love to family. If that was the case than I would have to get my mom, sister, neice and every other woman in my life something. Like I said if you love someone you should show it everyday, not just 1. Don't be nice 1 day and be an asshole the rest.

12 February 2009


Last night I kinda got into it with my daughters mom. See she seems to think that I should give her an extra $500 in child support just because she asked me for it. I don't think I have to pay anymore then I've been paying the last 3 years or so. see when we went to our custody hearing I didn't fight for joint custody (which I now know was a dumbass move) I just wanted to give her 1 less thing to threaten me with. Before that I paid her what she asked for, as in "How much do you want?" She said $$$ and I said ok. I figured that was the adult way to handle things. Custody court was just to get it in writing. We even told the judge that we already agreed on an amount. It was all nice and easy, were 2 adults we should be able to work these things out.

Then she started hitting a rough patch, her bills started adding up, the car had some problems (it's my car by the way, I let her drive it all she has to do is gas and maintenance) that she didn't have the cash to fix. I refuse to fix them because I have my own shyt to worry about. So she gets mad and starts talking about she wants more money. I tell her I don't have it, she doesn't seems to care. She's out for herself. It's not like my daughter needs anything, I buy shoes and clothes and feed her dinner most nights. The baby is a spoiled child. In her eyes I owe her the money and I should just give it up because she has been being nice to me all these years. I don't wanna get into the whole story but her being nice and me owing her anything are definitely not the case. So anyway last night she tells me I have till 9am to give her $200...... I kinda chuckle and say well i'm not going to have it so she doesn't have to wait. My guess is this morning she will be heading to the courthouse to file some papers to get more child support. This time around I think I'ma go ahead and go for joint custody. 2009 is shaping up to be an ugly year, I hate court.. it gives me anxiety.

11 February 2009

weekend wrap up... plus 2

Hey good readers, I hope everyone is doing well. let me tell you about my weekend.

Friday i woke up with a headache, nothing big I figured it was from lack of sleep. As the day went on I felt worse. Chills, fever, loss of apatite. by the end of my work day i was sitting at my desk in my coat trying to stay warm. I went home and laid in bed for a couple hours. I drank some juice and popped some meds. Friday night I threw up everything in my stomach and some other organs I'm sure. But I started to feel better.

Saturday I chilled around the house and thought about eating. It was a beautiful day so i felt bad I couldn't take the baby to the park. Saturday afternoon I took the baby to a b-day party, pizza and cake were the last things I wanted so I just stood in the corner and tried to keep my germs to myself... lol

Sunday I woke up and scratched my eyelid... nothing big it kinda hurt but I'ma man I'll toughed it out. I was feeling better and could eat so i was happy. That is until I realized my hot water heater was leaking. So I called my boy up and figured out how hard it is to replace. Looks pretty easy so were going to handle that next week.

Monday I woke up and took the baby to the doctor. It was just a checkup she's cool, day went pretty slow went looking for a new water heater.

Tuesday I woke up and my eye was swollen. I laid in bed with a cold wash cloth on my eye trying to decided what to do. I decided to go to the Dr and make sure my eye is not going to fall out. Because you know that's not sexy. he said I'll be fine in a couple days, meanwhile I'm at work looking like this fool

you can't give girls on the train sexy looks with your eye's outta wack, it just doesn't work... lol