20 February 2009

Live from the Corner pt Don't Breathe the Air

Before I get into this entry of "Live From the Corner" let me touch on some comments from my last post. Like 800 of you asked "if that's what the kinda sorta GF gets, whats the real GF get?" That answer is simple. The exact same thing, I wasn't trying to impress her, the hotel offered to put the roses on the bed for $25. That's cheaper than a dozen roses no fool would pass that up. Trust if the hotel didn't offer for such a cheap price I would'nt have done it.

The other question was "since she just the kinda GF would I care if she went out with another dude"... Absolutely not, she a grown ass women. She can do what she wants, If she wants to date other people she's free to do so. If I'm not giving her the attention she needs she can find it where ever she wants.

OK on to the story... Now I know I mentioned my co-worker who has no problem farting at his desk. Well this dude moved his seat to sit right behind me. So now his fumes are blocked into a corner. This is causing a situation. I'm getting paranoid, wondering if every noise I hear is him letting one rip. Every smell is getting questioned.. I can't focus. This is no way to work. Plus now that he sits right behind me I can't visit all the same sites I used to. He's a nosy kinda guy and if he saw me typing out this blog or looking at youknowyoudeadazzwrong he's likely to ask questions. I don't like questions. Anyway back to the air quality. When he lets it rip at his desk he doesn't even apologize. He has apologized once when he did it at my desk. I guess that was nice of him. Maybe he thinks we can't hear him at his desk. I'd much rather he take his whole gas problem out in the hall. Here my artist rendering of the seating arrangement.

As you can see when he emits fumes they have no exit.. they bounce off the wall and linger around until they make it to the hallway. Amoung ideas to combat this problem I have thought of include hanging an car air freshener to my desk fan and wearing a gas mask.

Anyway, it's just another day in the life. I'm much rather breathe stinky air and get paid then breathe clean air in the unemployment line.

16 February 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend started really crappy. My eye was crazy the wind did this to my tree:

(split it in half)

Then on friday I left town and headed to Philly. Took the kinda-sorta girlfriend away for V-day. I needed a break too. Here are the only 3 pics I'm sharing:

(rose petals in the room)

(the bed. Best $25 I've spent.. lol)

(View from the room)

Please don't mention anything about my V-day post and how this competly goes against it. We have already established I have many issues and change positions every other day.

A couple things about philly...
1. Pat's King of steaks cheese steak is not worth the hype. I stood in a line around the building for some dude to toss me a sandwich on a piece of paper that's impossible to put in a bag or wrap up. It's like you HAVE to eat it on the spot. Maybe Gino's is better but people were in line like it was legal crack. I'll pass.

2. My GPS was worthless in downtown Philly. Too many tall buildings too close together. Also I hate places with too many 1 way streets. So Philly is off my places live list.

Besides that I just chilled in the house as usual.