27 February 2009

Weekend Reading

I know your just dying to know what I've been doing lately. ok I'm lying I know you don't care. A couple of weeks ago Just Jasmine hit me up to see if I could do my "Voice of Single the Dad" thing on a post with her. It came out pretty good. It's my first colab post so go check it out...


Have a good weekend.

26 February 2009


Every now and then I think I make excuses for myself. I tell myself I don't have time to do something until I feel ok enough that don't bother trying. It's a character flaw, one that I'm reminded of when I look at www.cookinwithdave.tv site I tell myself I don't have time to film the show but the truth is I'm not making time. When talking to people I often say that you make time for things you want to do. If you really really want it you make time to get it. I need to follow my own advice.

It's not just about the show though. I also don't make time to do other things in my life, I really need to prioritize better. Or maybe I need to make less excuses and work harder. Spend less time BSing and get back on my grind. I often think buying my house made me lazy. I felt successful, I didn't have anything more too prove. I got comfortable. I was content. It's not until I feel broke that I start working hard. In my head I know I should work hard everyday because in reality I haven't accomplished much. I know I was put here to do so much more. I just can't get my body to listen.

So in my constant growth as a person I tell myself to explore different things I enjoy. I realize that I'ma have to stop making excuses and just get things done. Life don't wait and I've spent enough time sleeping and lounging in my chair watching the food channel.

25 February 2009

An Intermission

I'ma take a break from my usual rants to focus on something else. One of my facebook friends had a video by these dudes in her status a few days ago and I've been hooked on them since:

UNC ClefHangers

Now granted as a UMD Alumni (are you an alumni if you never graduated?) and Maryland resident I'm naturally opposed to anything UNC or DUKE (Go Terps!!) but these dudes rock. I like their versions better than the originals.

While watching this I started to think how much hip hop has grown. I mean here is a group of white college kids singing hip hop like a barbershop quartet. That's amazing to me. Hip Hop artists want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be rappers, pretty soon we will just have 2 categories of music good and bad. Our kids will hear their favorite artist sing, rap and play instruments on the same song like it's nothing. That is if we ever get past this auto-tune craze.

23 February 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was cool, on Saturday me and my buddy replaced my water heater. It was an interesting job. I had never done it before but it was easy enough.

A few weeks ago I made some key lime cupcakes that were pretty good but they were too dense for my taste. I figured I'd play with the recipe and make a cake out of it. Saturday night me and the baby make it and learned a couple things. My original recipe was crap, this one is much better and moister. You need more icing for a cake then you need for cupcakes, That seems like common knowledge but you know I'm slow. Since I didn't have the stuff to make more icing so I just worked with what I had. I also learned that when making a 2 layer cake you should cut the top off 1 layer so it lays flat. That's just so it looks good, this cake tasted great. Oh I also learned that kids are the best assistants. They do whatever you ask without question, they are just happy to be there. Anyway here are the pics:

Sunday I recurited my lil cuzzo and headed over to my sisters house to do more handyman stuff. This time it was an overhead microwave. We put it up pretty easily, the fun part of the day was realizing how grown my cusion is becoming. He's 21 now so he kinda grown. He's going thru the same stuff I used to go thru. Just watching it from the outside is funny to me, I give him advice and see what he does with it. watching someone else learn the life lessons I've already learned is amusing to me.