04 March 2009

Sports Talk with Dave

You know what i love about my name? I can throw it with anything and it sounds good. Cookin with Dave, Dave's Cleaning Service, Dave's fresh hot nuts. It all sounds good.. lmao

Anyway I don't think I've ever spoke about sports on here so i wanted to take a minute to talk about the Redskins latest soon to be bust Albert Haynesworth. now the skins signed him for $100 mill over 7 years. $41 mill guaranteed. To put that in perspective Peyton Manning only got like $35 mill guaranteed and people view him as a hall of fame QB.

Besides overpaying for another player the redskins seem to not realize that no young black athlete can succeed in DC. You know why?

The DC night life.

You see the clubs in DC are crazy. We have way too many beautiful women searching for a shrinking list of available men. All our athletes do is party. many a free agent has come to DC and lost his mind in the club scene. Does anyone remember Chris Webber getting pulled over on his way to practice with a car full of smoke? How about Kwame Brown?(I'm tired of linking stuff) The wizards #1 draft pick that still has not recovered from the DC night life. How many players shine after they leave DC? Richard Hamilton, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace. All players who were OK in DC and great after they left. Even a player like LaVar Arrington couldn't resit the night life. He retired and STILL parties in the city. he even opened a bar here. Were so used to seeing our sports stars out on the town that it's rarely even mentioned. Everybody has ran into a Wizards or Skins star somewhere.

So here's a 27 year old dude from Hartsville, SC who spent the last 7 years in Tennessee sitting on $41mil coming to a city that loves nothing more than to party. You can't tell me he's not going to get sucked in. I'm sure he has never been around anything like the DC night life in his life. At least not on a daily basis. Sure maybe a weekend in MIA or Vegas compares but here he can go to an after party after every practice. He will been seen as an instant star, people around here Love the Skins. I mean LOVE them. The groupies will be all over him.

So anybody thinking that this signing will put the skins into the playoff hunt must not have lived here. Washington Athlete's are playing 2 games 1 on the field and 1 in the club.

02 March 2009

What I miss

Let me start by saying, I like my girl. She's great and for the most part I can't complain. I haven't cheated on her or even thought about it. I've been good. I've ignored the temptation to go out with other girls, didn't answer a couple of 12am calls and walked past girls I would normally flirt with. So please resist the urge to call me an asshole after you read this.

That said I do miss the game. The flirting, the dating. The over analyzing of everything. I really just enjoy meeting women. I even kinda miss the rejection. I'm a professional dater, I don't even get nervous anymore. It's what I do... lol some people knit, I date. I like the game. That game that people curse. That game that women always play but refuse to admit. That game so many people can't wait to stop playing. I miss it.

Even when I see dudes trying to holla at girls and I know they are getting shut down. It's funny. Even when I got shutdown I found it funny. Not in a "well fukk you b*tch!" kinda way but in a "thats cool, I had to try" kinda way. I like all the reading of body language, when you notice a girl is nervous around you. It's great. That first date awkwardness, when your deciding where this whole thing is going. I just like in interaction. aahh good times.. lol

So game here's to you, if nobody else loves you... I do, till the next time we meet *cheers*