12 March 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

60 years ago today my story started. I don't mention my mom much here but I love her so much. Her personality has shaped me more then anyone else, She never holds a grudge and just likes to help people. She's the kind of person that never says anything bad about anyone. She even makes excuses for people who do dumb shyt. She wasn't afraid to let me run the streets and be a boy. She never tried to keep me under her wing, she knew I needed to learn some things on my own. She has always been there and never forced an opinion on me. In short she's the best, this year I didn't know what to get her so I just made her a cake.

Also I decided to upload all this baking stuff on the cooking with dave site. So if you wanna see more pics they will be over there. I'll be re-designing the site too, I need to stop treating it like a step child.

11 March 2009

Why I'm A Bad BF

So while I think I'm a great person I know I'm a bad boyfriend. You wanna know why?

Because I'm lazy

I like things that are easy, I want everything to fall into place. Relationships rarely work like that You have to work at them, listen and care about the other persons concerns and communicate. BLAH!!! I'm great at listening but it's the caring part that I suck at. You see I have this theory that nobody really cares. You don't REALLY care if I can't pay my power bill. You might feel bad, show some concern but at the end of the day if it don't effect you, you don't care. Maybe I should narrow that down, nobody besides your momma and loved ones care. Even your loved ones is a stretch. Most your friends or co-workers will be like "Aww that's too bad" And go back to they life. I know that's how I am.

So this attitude effects my relationships. Women talk and expect me to console and say "Aww baby it will be ok" and I'm just not wired like that. I offer ways to fix whatever the problem is or just dismiss it as you being silly. BTW dismissing a womans feelings is never a good idea, yet I do it all the time.

The other problem I have is expressing feelings. See besides laughter I don't express much. If I'm mad I usually just do busy work to get my mind off it. I'm not going to be in a shouting match with you, I'd much rather walk away and clear my head. I'm not the kinda guy who pours out his heart and starts talking about how much I miss you or how your the best girl I've ever met. Usually it's because I don't miss you and your NOT the best girl I've ever met. Hell even getting a sincere compliment outta me is amazing. I know women like that stuff, it just feels stupid coming out of my mouth. Like I'm reading a script from TV. It never feels genuine so I never say it. I was always told not to say stuff you don't really mean.

Ahhh, i always have some part of my personality to work on.

09 March 2009


Hey what's up? I really have nothing to blog about so I'ma just talk about whatever.

1. I got kinda volunteered to make my moms b-day cake this week. My sister called and said she would "buy" a cake knowing damn well I would just say I could make one. I mean they did buy me a mixer and all, it's the least I could do. BTW I mastered making butter cream icing. wanna see? her you go:

2. Can I tell you how much I love spring? It's like women were dying all winter to wear they skirts and heels. The first couple warm days and they out in force. everywhere I go beautiful women. It's great. I love DC in the spring... lol

3. I think I'ma put the baby in a swimming class. She likes the water and she old enough to go in without me. I don't do pools and such. I used to live like 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean I've had my fill of water.

4. I think I'ma go to a regular ol happy hour this friday. Maybe catch a movie afterwards, I already need a drink. I don't go out much anyway. Plus I really really want to see "the Watchmen" It looks like a good movie. Yeah that's all the reason I need.

5. I'm grilling something this week. I've neglected my grill all winter, I miss it and it misses me. We used to be the best of friends then I started cooking inside. it's time to get back outside and use real fire... lol