27 March 2009

Video Fun: Ramblings

This is a PSA of me trying to help people find they inner asshole...Enjoy:

Baby Daddy Diaries VideoBlog #1 from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

25 March 2009

Women I Meet

Before I start this let me touch on my past relationship real quick. It didn't end because of the chick in my meeting or the chick with the 5 series or any other random girl I've met. We were just different people and it wouldn't work long term. I recognized it I'm not the kind of dude who likes to waste my or other folks time. That said I wish it did end before I had that meeting because I sure would have emailed that girl...lol It's too late now. Which brings me to....

I remember I explained to someone a while back that I usually meet 2 types of women. The ones that I'm really attracted to and the ones I have great conversations with.

The girls I'm attracted to are usually well attractive, we get along on a general. Talk about regular stuff, go out and share some laughs. Even if they don't get all my jokes. These are usually the dinner and movie dates. We never talk about anything deep or meaningful. We often talk tv, which is hard for me because they watch ALOT of reality tv and I watch none... lol. I meet them in my travels, they see the jeans and tee's expect me to be some hood dude. Then they realize I'm not and that I like the travel channel more then TVone. Then I'm "different" and they like that about me. Overall they are cool, just not the most interesting people. I get bored hanging out them pretty quickly.

Then there's the girls I have great conversations with. They rock, we talk alot about all kinds of things, they're smart but don't rub it in your face. They get my jokes. Their the kinda girls you sit at the bar and talk to for hours. They have no problem hitting up a museum or just walking around. They are what's called EBP (Educated Black People). They do real interesting stuff. Have stories for days, get ecxited when I mention I'm watching a documentary, Can hold a convo with everyone and generally are what you would want in a wife. Only problem is I'm only mildly attracted to them. Something about them physically just doesn't do it for me. I can never explain it.

And then theres the beautiful, smart bitter women.. but that's another blog.

24 March 2009

Things that make you go hhhmmm

I was in a KFC/A&W getting some hot wings when I saw this sign on the counter:

How in the hell do you put milk in hot dogs? i refuse to eat at this place again, who knows what else they putting in my food... lol

23 March 2009

Sweet 16

Aight so this weekend I went to my neice's 80's themed sweet 16 party. Let me just say that I should not be in a room full of teenagers. It's bad for my health. All I did was crack jokes on them. What kind of jokes? we let me share. Heres some observations from the party:

- If you mention 80's to a 16yo girl they think pink tights. Everyone had on hot pink.

- There were like 4 guys and and 20 girls. So a normal teenage boy caught in his hormones would love the situation. No not these dudes. They all huddled together, jumped into each others arms and wrestled. They were real touchy feely, Looked gay to me, but hey that might be how kids act now.

- One of the dudes has on girls socks

- Another guy had on what could only be described as an authentic 80's blazer. It was classic, blue metallic, straight off the wedding singer.

- When your playing 80's music everyone knows the words, even a chef who was singing and dancing in the hall.

- Watching 15 kids try to recreate the thriller dance is just funny.

Anyway we had fun, here's a couple picks of my costume

Peep my hype girl at the bottom.