24 April 2009

Missing the baby...

So I'm missing my daughter, She's been giving me the cold shoulder this week. Well I'm sure it's a mix of wanting to play at her grandma's and her mom being mad at me but what ever the reason I've only seen her once since Sunday. I'm not even sure what to do with myself, I'm quite literally lost when she's not around. My whole rhythm is off, I can't think right can't blog on schedule, nothing... lol I should have taken the time to clean my house but instead I just kinda laid around in a bored stupor. Sure the free time gave me a chance to hang out with my new girlfriend and excerise but nothing is like playing with my baby.... I'm wondering if this is just a phase or should I begin to adjust to not seeing her as often. It's not like she's mad at me or anything, we hung out on saturday and had fun it's just that she wants to play with her friends and get spoiled at grandmas which I can understand. If I was 4 I'd be trying to have as much fun as possible too. Lets face it I'm fun but no where near as fun as other kids. I actually need to do a better job of just calling the baby. I'm really not a phone person so I try and only call her mom I'm picking up or dropping off the baby off, but I'ma have to make some "Just wanted to see how you were doing" calls just to check in on her. Usually I just talk to her mom but it's always nice to hear the babies voice even if she is telling me about some barbie on TV.

Anyway It's supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend in DC, I hope it's the same where ever your at.

21 April 2009

Sports Talk with Dave... Natinals Edition

I know what your thinking.... Ummm dave you misspelled Nationals.. An you would be right but it's ok because apparently the people who run the team can spell it either. Peep what some players went on the field wearing Sunday.

I mean really? nobody caught that huh? Again this is EXACTLY why DC sports team sucks... Nobody is paying attention to the details. They spent $600 million dollars on a new stadium which I have heard is beautiful, I have not gone yet but I think I'm going next month. Hopefully by then they will spend a lil money hiring seamstresses who can spell. Oh yeah the Natinals are 1-10 this season. Hard to see why.

BTW.. before the Wizards season was over several players were spotted clubbing the night before a game in Toronto. So they stayed out late, got drunk then traveled to Canada to play a game. I don't know about you but playing basketball is the last thing I wanna do after staying out late drinking. But her I guess that's why they are professionals... lol