30 April 2009

Camera Phone Fun

If ya'll didn't notice I take pics all the time. Usually it's just stuff I find funny but sometimes it's stuff that I think everyone will enjoy. So with that lets check out whats been stored in my phone.

This is from the elevator at my job, somebody forgot they clip on.

Pics from my commute:

for real i don't get these shoes.. they like super chucks

This is usually how packed it is.

young boys in tight white jeans... that's whats wrong with america.

This is my mom's living room. She does it BIG... lol (peep my little league trophy in the corner)

This is why my friends rock... I blog about jack in the box, they go to said spot and send me a pic of stuff I can't have.

Oh yeah.. I'm doing the twitter thing. If for no other reason then JACK said no to it. If I've learned anything in life it's that if JACK says don't do something you should do it like yesterday... lol

here's the account http://twitter.com/babydaddydiary

28 April 2009

Grinds my Gears

Hello good people.

Today I want to mention some commercials I see on TV. I hate Sonic DriveIn's commercials! They just tease me. They show all this great food and fail to mention that the closest Sonic to DC is 53 miles away. I mean look at this commercial:

Doesn't that make you want something? they have slushie happy hours!! I can bring my own vodka to mix in. I'm not saying don't show the commercials just don't show then in demographics where you don't have a store.Ii just looked thru my blogs and I mentioned this back in Jan'08 so I've been bothered well over a year by this.. lol

The other company on my list is Jack in the Box. They are even worse because they don't even have a store in the mid-atlantic area. The closest one is in North Carolina!!! the closet one to New York is in North Carolina. You see my point right? why even pay of TV space in DC? that's just a tease. A oh so good tease... lol Did I mention jack in the box has some really addictive food? Breakfast all day addictive? It's a Californian fast food staple. So the next trip south I take I'm making pit stops at Jack in the Crack and sonic.

ps. I'm considering making a twitter account for the blog. Before I was against twitter and all things it stood for but I'm constantly surrounded by random funny things that i should probably share and a twitter account would cover me when I don't feel like blogging. What ya'll think? do you need more of my randomness in your lives?