06 May 2009

It aint tricking if you got it

So we all know I'm a lil different. I was reminded of this when chatting with my friend. See she just got into a relationship with a dude. When dude asked her if she wanted to be his girl he presented her with some earings... I was amazed by this. I'd never even heard of giving a gift for that. Then she was telling me how he wanted to pay to get her hair and nails done and take her shopping. While I had heard of dudes doing this I don't think I have seen it happen. I took my baby momma shopping for maternity clothes, that was my 1 time i've taken a chick shopping. I've never paid for a new weave, nails or random bill. I was raised that all that was trickin. I'll treat you to 15 $30 a plate dinners before I give you $20 for your nails. If I met you and your hairs and nails were done then apparently you didn't need me to get them that way. Plus I'm not a picky dude.. I won't complain about your hair being less then perfect. If i was one to complain then that's reason to pay for the upkeep. You never buy affection, that's just how I was brought up. Sure you can give gifts but unless it's a holiday you not getting jewelry or anything really expensive. Besides you really want a low maintenance girl anyway. Who wants to look at their girl as another bill? I've been around too many girls who liked nothing better then to have some dude trick off on them. 1 dude paying for her hair and another getting her some new shoes. Dudes spend money on women trying to impress them when the truth is they just wasting money. If a girl likes you she will like you regardless of which bills your willing or able to pay.

btw: Never in the history of the world have I heard of a girl paying for a dudes haircut or better yet paying for a dude to get his head corn rolled which I hear isn't cheap... i'm just saying.

04 May 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was pretty quiet. Played water balloons with the baby. Watching the playoffs (FUCK YOU BULLS!!!) actually let me talk about the bulls for a sec... I stay up watching 7 overtimes and you bamma's decide to lay an egg in game 7? I mean it's bad enough you let Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen beat you over and over but you overcome all that to just go home. They blew my night. Now I have to deal with Diva's trash talking for another round. The bulls losing did lead to a funny convo with a fellow blogger who will remain nameless. I'm not sure they would want you to know how a conversation about the NBA playoffs and how David Stern is in the mafia turned into how KY tastes like chicken... yeah bloggers are nasty.. lol (for the record I have no idea what it tastes like, I've actually never used the stuff)

So besides that I learned my dishwasher is broke. Needs a new pump, Sears dude said it would be $300. This is where being able to do stuff yourself comes in handy. I can buy a new one and install it myself for $350. Oh and apparently some storm from last May jacked up my roof so I may be getting that replaced.. happy day!