14 May 2009

I'ma G.. pt 2

You remember this post about my tomato plants... well look at them now baby!!!

They even have some flowers on them, The flowers turn to tomatoes so I'll have plenty of salsa in a few weeks.

I'll post something real later... My mind is busy watching the Magic beat the Celtics. Maybe this will lead to a Sports talk with Dave post.

12 May 2009

Gone fishing.. pt2

Sorry for the lack of posts. I kinda been doing everything but blogging. Anyway this weekend I went fishing with my buddies. I reluctantly left my girl in the bed at 4:30 am and spent 6 hours on the water only to catch no fish. I figured I'd be grilling rock fish that afternoon but sometimes life has other plans. I ended up just sharing stories and getting a tan... lol. We went out in the Chesapeake bay. Being in 60 ft of water and not being able to swim is always exciting. Here's some pics

pretty clam water

Fishing rods.. before we put them in the water

Sail boats in the distance

Tug Boat and Barge. It was alot bigger in person.