21 May 2009

Sucker for pie

Did I ever mention my girl rocks? no? well she does. you know why? well there are plenty of reasons but the one I'ma blog about is that she is a Pastry Nazi. If I mention how I ate some cake/pie/donut/crisp that was good she immediately thinks it's not as good as hers and jokes how I'm cheating on her by eating other peoples cooking. Mind you she is a great cook and baker.

(pastry nazi)

Let me take you back to sunday. we went to the Taste of Arlington. Basically is a street food fair where restaurants and vendors trade tickets for samples of their food. It was good stuff. We were chillin then I saw someone walking around with a mini pie. Like the size of a cupcake. It looked SOOO good. I hunted for the vendor giving them out and it was a culinary school. I quickly handed over my tickets to some young girl who gave me a cherry pie. I downed the pie in .02 seconds. It was delish! even with the store bought canned filling. my girl looked at me like I had just got the culinary students number right in front of her... lol. I explained how good it was and she just said that she could do it better. I talked about the pie repeatedly from sunday to tuesday. finally she had enough and make me my OWN mini pies with homemade filling!!! Her's crushed the culinary students ones.

Yep she Rocks.

20 May 2009

Hangin with Kiddies

So today I might be taking my daughter and her friend to Pump it Up i take my daughter pretty regularly since it's a chance for her to run around and have fun. I'm kinda nervous about taking her friend though. Not because she is a bad kid or anything, she is actually really well behaved, I just have this fear of me taking someones child out and that child coming back saying I touched them inappropriately. Now I would never ever do anything like that but if some kid decided to lie on me because they were mad I'd be screwed right? who really doesn't believe a child when they make claims like that? it would be my word against theirs. What if were out and she wants something and I simply say "no" and she decides to scream murder? If I was her dad and my daughter said some man touched her I'd kick ass first, I'd only expect another dad to do the same.

So that's my worry, maybe it's irrational but it stops me from being alone with other peoples children. If she was a family member or one of my friends kids I wouldn't have a problem, they know me and I know them. I don't know this little girls parents like that. I see them, I say hi and that's about it. i can't see myself being friends with them. Anyway I'm sure I'll provide an update later today.

note: I'm horribly behind on reading blogs. I've been working on a bunch of different stuff. I'll catch up soon. Also I think I'm already bored with twitter... lol we'll see how long I keep twitting.

18 May 2009

Live From the Corner... 10 toes down

So this December marks 10 years on my job. The time kinda flew by. For a IT contractor 10 years on 1 site is like an eternity. I've seen co-workers come and go only to come right back. I used to search for new jobs but then I realized that I have a pretty goo gig. I like the people I work with, I enjoy the work I do, I can wear white tee's and nike boots all summer and nobody says a word, and they pay pretty good. Actually I can't remember the last time I wore a tie to work. or a button up shirt that I tucked in. Today I wore a hoodie and jeans. Besides I'm not one to be jumping from job to job. I've only worked 2 real jobs in my life and the first one I worked about 5 years. I'm not the kind of guy who has 6 jobs in 2 years. Outside of my dating life I'm a pretty stable person... lol