26 May 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

This felt like the longest weekend ever.. lol. on Friday the GF got us tickets to the nationals game. It was my first baseball game even though I used to play little league. here are some pics

This dude was getting on my nerves... who comes to the game with their son to read the paper?

On saturday me and the baby went to a baby shower. My buddy's wife is having a baby, all my daughter cared about were some cupcakes. She asked 8 people for permission to eat one. My baby is greedy... lol

Monday I attempted to smoke some ribs. This should have been an episode of Cookin with Dave now that I think about it. here are some pics of the adventure.

Charcoal getting hot

Charcoal getting really hot..

Ribs down..

Finished product...

The ribs came out GOOD!!! I got FIOS installed on monday and I gave the installer some. He called me back today to ask for the recipe... lol I'll take that as the highest compliment. Next I'm going to smoke some pork for a pulled pork sandwhich.