08 June 2009

Wifey Material

I feel like I've been slippin on this lil blog. So I'm going to try real hard to think of stuff to talk about. One thing on my mind is how we as men go about selecting women.

Being with my baby momma taught me alot about the kind of woman I wanted. I learned alot about myself and who I am from that whole experience. You see me an her were not together long maybe 4 months before she got preggers but before that I was never forced to deal with someone. I've always been the love'em and leave'em type. As soon as I got bored I was gone (I'm sure my regular readers know this about me). In dealing with my BM I got a glimpse of how a marriage would be. When there is no walking away. You have to work thru problems, learn HOW to argue, all things that I never really learned.

These are skills that I think alot of people never learn. we never learn how to function in a relationship. So we have dysfunctional relationships with our spouses. Alot of this could be avoid if we just learned to look for what you wanted in a mate. Some dudes focus on the pretty face and phat ass and forget that your going to have to deal with her personality for a very long time. Well after the ass sags and her face wrinkles. Some women feel like they HAVE to have a man so they settle for go-nowhere dudes in hopes that they will get it together and change. Then they realize that a man is who he is and you just wasted 3-4 years of your life.

I'm not saying you should search for that perfect person abut you should look for someone who you don't mind being around. Who does the things you expect a man/woman to do, whatever that may be, basically you should be choosing people that you can see yourself dealing with for the rest of your life because you just might be. Weather you want to or not.

Thinking back, I needed to go thru the drama with my BM because I needed to learn those lessons and build my character. I needed that experience to focus on what I really wanted from a woman.

*before you all start planning trips to my wedding know this was unrelated to my girl friend and more related to interacting with my daughters mom and seeing other people deal with their husbands/wives and mates.