17 June 2009

The art of NO

Being a man you get used to the word "NO" and losing you experience it all the time. Some girl you drool over turns you down, you lose a game/bet basically all your life you have had to learn how to deal with rejection. This is an important trait, you fall and learn how to get back up. I'm all for kids learning HOW to lose. It helps you not get mad when girl after girl turns you down. You don't have to like it but you have to know how to accept that it does and will happen.

We were having a convo at work about kids playing sports and not keeping score. the kids just play for a hour and nobody wins or loses. I thought that was the dumbest thing ever, their argument was that if no one loses then nobody can be called a "loser" and the winning team has nobody to tease. I argued that kids need to learn how to win and lose properly. Not keeping score is just handicapping their growth.

I think way too many women never learn this life lesson. They don't learn how to lose. Women get chased all their lives. Even if your turning down ugly, no job having dudes you are being chased. You see if they drool over a dude, they wait for him to approach her. If he never does then they didn't get rejected it just never happened. It's easier to deal with a what if then a rejection. Very few women will jump out there and face rejection. Men do it regularly. I know a few women who just can't cope with rejection. A dude they like decides that he doesn't want them and they get depressed. They treat it like it's the first loss they have ever experienced. They question everything about life, get down and start a pity party with ice cream. eventually they just decide to quit men and relationships and become bitter. When dudes get rejected we get down too but just like a basketball player we keep shooting! your bound to hit a shot eventually. This why dudes seem to bounce back from bad break-ups quicker, we have learned to get up dust yourself off and keep playing. you can't sit on the ground crying just because you got knocked down. You complain to the refs and get back in the game.. lol

Even my daughter has problems with "NO". She asks for something and when I decline and she either cries or says "please, pretty please" until she gets tired. She knows that she can wear people down to get her way. I was guilty of caving in, part of me can't stand people complaining and I hate whining people even more. So instead of hearing that I just give her what she wants. As a public service I started to stand my ground just so she can learn that you don't get everything you want and life doesn't always go your way. Whining gets you nothing in life, the earlier she learns that the better she will be. That and she will keep score in any game she plays.

15 June 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Lets start this right. I want everyone to congratulate the Lakers on winning the championship last night. If your like me you knew the game was over by half time. I stayed up to watch the end just because I stayed up to watch them lose last year. Just so were all clear that's 15 rings for the Lakers, The City of Angels can also be known as Title town.

On to my weekend, on saturday the baby had her first swimming class. She had a ball! I had taken her to the pool a couple times so she was comfortable in the water. She's looking forward to swimming laps around her poor dad (yes I don't know how to swim yet I go fishing in 60ft of water.) After swimming we went to the grocery store. not just any store but the great Whole Foods. A place where any and everything can be found. I don't travel there often but when you are looking for 1 vegetable or fruit or slice of meat that's the place to go. They have EVERYTHING! I got some meat, fruit and fresh juice and was out the door.

What kind of meat did I get? well Pork Butt of course... I decided to expand my BBQ empire to include pulled pork sandwiches. So that meant smoking 4 pounds of pork butt. Well it's actually the shoulder but it's called the butt, I don't know why. Pork Butt is fun to say.. lol Anyway I rubbed it down and threw it on the grill. wanna see the pics? of course you do...

So that's how I spent my sunday, smelling like smoke and watching the lakers get back on top.