26 June 2009

Wacko Jacko

Before I start let me say RIP MJ, dude was a great musician and even better performer. I feel for his family and his kids who lost their father and may or may not really know their mothers.

That said I couldn't stomach all the news ass kissing last night. All the showed were people crying and talking about how great he was. where was all this support when he was having problems? I mean damn the media gave him the nickname "Wacko Jacko" they have not reported 1 good thing about him in years. They seemed to enjoy watching him lose never land. You know it broke his heart to give that place up. Reported every financial problem he had. Hell the media recored his whole downfall. It was so bad he just left the country. Think about this... the US dogged him soo much that he didn't even announce his grand comeback tour here. Hell I think he only planned to do 1 shows in the US. I'm surprised he was even here when he passed.

All I'm saying is all these people talking about his greatness were the same ones who cracked joke after joke when he was accused of molesting lil boys. Talked all kinds of shyt when he changed his face. How many "little white woman" jokes were made? Honestly I think the weight of the fame crushed him. Nobody in the news suported him, they made him look like a monster over and over again. Can you imagine every time you turn on the news seeing someone talk shyt about you. Every comedian using you as a punchline? Now he's gone and they planning candle light vigils for him. Its funny how our story changes when people are gone.

The whole thing made me mad. I mean lets keep it real none of the people crying on the news would let Micheal baby sit. If you loved him so much you should have supported him thru the good and bad.

That said his music is and will be timeless. RIP Mike, I hope you find the peace in death you were not allowed in life.

24 June 2009

Fathers Day Recap

How did I forget to do a fathers day post? Well first it was on sunday and I can't blog on the weekend and second I've been stuck doing actual work stuff at work. It sucks, I don't have time to read blogs or write them. Anyway Shouts out to all the Dads out there, the good, bad and average. If your not in your childs life go ahead and make a effort to be.

I spent the morning crabbing with my buddy. 5 hours on the water and we only got 10 crabs. But damn were they good! Oh and I almost fell out of the boat just don't tell anyone. After crabbing Me and the baby went and got some ice cream, then went to the playground. After letting her run around we went home and I threw some food on the grill. She was excited that it was fathers day. She insisted that I make a cake. Because every holiday deserves cake in her eyes. I ended up making strawberry lime cake. It's great lol I don't have any pics, maybe I'll take some tonight. but it's strawberry cake with key lime icing. Sooo Good.

ps. the 1st round of the giveaway will run till 6/29. I don't think I mentioned it in the last post.

22 June 2009


So something that always surprises me is the number of "promote your blog" emails I get. I'm guessing alot of people visit my blog and the number of hits gets it listed on some marketing list. ANYWAY.. i got an email about a CD giveaway a few weeks ago. Not just any CD but a kids CD, Not just a kids CD but a Bob Marley kids CD!! You know you want one. My daughter gave it a test listen and she liked it. Actually I liked it too, it's a real cd not Bob singing nursery songs.. lol So today I'm going to give away some "B is for Bob" cd's. I'm going to do it in 2 parts though. A few this round and some more in a couple weeks here are the details

Original Bob Marley songs re-imagined for kids!

Marley’s eldest son, four-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley, executive produced this adorable new album, which bridges the gap between the timeless Bob Marley and a new generation of kids. Eight of Bob Marley’s songs have been transformed while four of Marley’s other masterpieces remain untouched. In stores June 23, this is the perfect summer album for the entire family to enjoy!

The album also includes fun extras -- The CD unlocks bonus online digital content including coloring book pages and a sing-a-long music video plus for Mom there’s a FREE one-year subscription to Parents magazine inside.

“My father’s music spans generations and with B is for Bob we give the youngest their very own Bob Marley record.” - Ziggy Marley


Link to music video:

So No my problem is deciding on who will win. I took a note from other blogs and decided to just pick randomly. So leave a comment with a email and I'll toss them in a hat (new era fitted of course) and the first 3 names I choose will get a cd. Thanks!