22 July 2009

Why You Mad?

Some days I think black people are just a lil too sensitive. Any time a corporation that pokes fun at us and our culture we yell stereotypical and racism. case in point this KGB commercial I had never seen till @MissesTiara posted it on twitter.

When i saw it I laughed. Because I could really see that happening in a hair salon. People got offended but I'm not sure why. Plenty of black women wear bad weaves, it's not like they were lying, hell my safeway sells them. Black women talk about other black women with bad weaves. When a company mentions where they come from it's stereotyping? If they made a Amy Winehouse weave joke nobody would have cared.

Here's the thing, the commercial didn't say all black women or only black women wear yak weaves. They just said where the weaves come from. If it was a bunch of white women getting weaves put in nobody would believe it. Lets face it, white women wear lace front wigs because they can't wear tracks like black women. so the commercial wouldn't have worked the same. Lace fronts are usually human hair... that's not quite as funny. Also if it's so offending how did the talk all those black women to act in it? those weren't people in black face, those were actresses who though the commercial was good and would get them on TV.

Anyway I laughed at it, if your offended call up Tyler Perry, Debra Lee and every other black movie/TV show producer and tell them to stop making jokes about black womens weaves in their movies/TV shows. Negative stereotypes are pushed by black people all the time, We laugh at them but when other cultures make the same stereotypes we get mad. All i'm saying is we need to not be so sensitive, as usual if we really want a change we have to change ourselves.

21 July 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Whats up good people, I'm sorry for not posting last week. really I am. Honestly not much has been going on. Well that's not true. Here's a recap of my weekend.

On friday I went to my nieces play. They did "the secret garden" I remember the movie but this was a musical. Maybe the movie was a musical too, i don't know. Any way me and the GF spent 3 hours in some really uncomfortable chairs. My butt hurt afterwards. it was a good play, all the actors did good, even when they messed up.. lol Then came sign #4566 that I'm getting old. My niece was taking forever to come out of the dressing room after the play so I send one of her cast mates back in to get her. My niece comes out and says her friend said her DAD was looking for her! Do I really look old enough to have a 16y/o daughter? I mean DAMN!! The GF laughed about it for 2 days. Even my sister and mom laughed. I didn't find it so funny.

Also My baby turned 5 this weekend!! we had a pool party. It was fun everyone had a good time no drama, life was good. I bought her a bike that might be a lil too big for her, she'll figure it out though.

between my baby growing up my ever increasing gray hair and kids thinking teens thinking I'm my nieces dad, I'm about to have a late quarter life crisis. Maybe i can get a corvette on sale.