07 August 2009

the $20 earing back

So a while back my daughter lost the back to her earrings... They were screw back studs that I bought her when she was like 1 or something. Anyway she does this like once a year, how you loose a screw back is beyond me. so i call up the jewelry place I got the earrings from and get a replacement. they are $20, just for the back! granted I think they are 18k gold but still it's a damn earing back! So i pay the money they ship it to me and i see what my $20 goes to pay for.

First they sent it 2nd day air then they sent it in this big ass box. 1 earing back!! they could have just put it in a envelope. I guess the old saying is true, you get what you pay for.

05 August 2009

Nigga shyt

At first this seemed like the most nigga shyt I've ever seen. Then I thought about it and figured if I was 19 and had a but load of cash I would do the same thing. I mean really it's a remote controlled CHAIN!!! that's crazy. Sure he just bought a toy and put black diamonds on it but how is that different then putting diamonds on a watch? I can't hate on this dude enjoying his money. I hope he's putting some aside for retirement but if you got it to spend why not do enjoy it?

04 August 2009


So today I went to court so my baby momma could get all the money she felt she deserved. I sat in the court room for a hour. My lawyer came, asked if she was there, She wasn't, he decided to go get some food instead of sitting and charging me for waiting. He's a cool dude, I like him alot. Anyway we wait and wait and she never shows. Why open the case if you not going to show up? So the case worker says they can put in a temporary order until we can get another hearing. One she will hopefully appear for. We do the paperwork, did I mention my BM put down $75 a month as income? yeah she's career student. I pick winners I tell you. So after all is said and done I have to pay a whopping $45 more a month then I was already paying. Only now I'm pissed over the whole situation and all the nice things I used to do just because I'm a nice person will stop. When stuff went wrong at her house she would call me to take a look, if she needed to borrow something she would call me. Basicly as my GF put it she teats me like a pseudo-husband. So all that stops, I'm tired of trying to be nice to her.

Whats funny about this is just last night she called me and asked for some money in advance. How she can't get thru the month with what I pay her is beyond me but now she can talk it over with the state. Just the idea that I don't have to talk money with her makes me happy. Today is a good day the only thing missing is the look on her face when she realizes instead of the extra $400 she was expecting she will only get a extra $45. That my friends would be priceless.