04 September 2009

Weekend wrap-up

I know your thinking how I can do a wrap up on the weekend but this is a wrapup of LAST weekend. See I did actually do stuff. Fun stuff at that. It was mostly baby related though, no not my baby but my friends babies. First up was a baby shower.

It came to my attention that dudes don't go to baby showers, I didnt understand it since plenty of dudes were at the shower for my baby. So I felt it was only right to go to my buddies since he came to mine. Anyway I had a good time and and left with some gifts..

Party swag is always a good thing.

on sunday I went to my buddies son's baptism. This included me going to church. Something I don't often do. Not just any church but Catholic church. I never understand all the hymns or what to say when, it's like a crazy crowd participation event that I'm left out of. Here's me in my church clothes...

No jokes about me not smiling, it's just a force of habit.

After chruch I went to the after-party at my boys house. Let me tell you it's not a party until someone breaks out a whole pig. I'm serious, once they put that on the table everyone got a lil happier... lol One of the benefits of having friends from different cultures is that your exposed to stuff like this.

Anyway it was a good time. This weekend I gotta figure out something to do with the baby. lets hope we don't get into too much trouble.

02 September 2009

The Readers

Having this blog is a odd thing. It started out as just me wasting time trying to be funny and now it's like a chronicle of my life. Just today my GF referenced a post I did back in march (yes she knows about it). Over the past 2 months I've entertained thoughts of quiting it because I don't really have much to blog about anymore. Then I get emails from readers telling me how they like it. not even regular readers but people who bloggers consider "lurkers" email me. I was even stopped outside of safeway once by a reader who reconigzed me. I didn't get her name but she seemed nice enough. Person after person says how they enjoy seeing the "other sides" view. That made me think I should keep doing it. Granted I only blog from my point of view but that's still better then nothing. I don't read many daddy blogs, maybe there aren't that many, I don't know. Maybe the ones out there are not as personal. This blog is like my story, sure it's not the entire story but just the amount I'm willing to share but it's still my story. So why stop it before the end right?

So thank you readers, lurkers and new friends. Not only for reading but for understanding and being supportive. I hope you get something out of this blog, if nothing else at least a laugh every now and then.