01 October 2009

Starting Over

I've flirted with the idea of starting over for a long time. The idea of packing up and moving to a new city intrigues me. Of course now I couldn't do this because my baby is here. Before she was born I thought about it often. Starting over in some random mid size city like Seattle. Spend a few years someplace where nobody knows me. I'd enjoy the challenge, just see if I could be successful. I think it's the part of me that takes after my dad. I tell my lil cousins they should explore the world while they can, live in as many places as you want.

I think about how my career could have fueled this. As a IT contractor there are all kinds of 6 and 12 month contracts all over the world. I could get paid to spend 3 months in Brazil, 6 months in Egypt or a year in Chicago. once the contracts up I come home. Like the military minus the gun shots and heavy uniforms.

One of my older cousins moved to NC, While I couldn't see myself down there he loves it. Claims he's never moving back. One of my other cousins moved to TX, he hates it and wants to come back ASAP... lol The thing is they did it, If I moved and didn't like it it's no big deal I'd just come back. Point is you tried. You come home, regroup and pick a new city.

Anyway enough with the day dreams... Dave's not leaving DC no time soon.

28 September 2009

Weekend Wrap-up.. with pics

I had a pretty good weekend. I even took pics!! wanna see? here you go.


Went crabbing with my buddy only a few weekends of crabbing left in the season so I wanted to enjoy some crabs and beer, woke up at 5am was on the water by 6:20am. This lead to seeing some pretty nice sunrises.

So after spending a couple hours on the water we ended up with a full bushel of crabs.

One even tried to get away.

Don't worry we caught him

I ate my fill of both crabs and beer. Joked around with my boys teenage step kids and even went back on the water in the rain. I love being on the water, I saw so many houses out there and kept thinking "what am I doing wrong?" I need a house on the water point blank period


My boss got married and decided to have his reception at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Now I have a general rule that if I ever have the chance to do something I have never done before I'm going to do it. Life is about experiences and I want to experience alot. That said I had never been to a Renaissance Festival, not only that but I can't recall 1 person in my life even suggesting going. So with this reason to go I figured I'd check it out.

So I promised the baby a pony ride and headed out. Let me tell you, this place was pretty great. It's like a village built into the woods, these were permanat structures. Not like something they just set up for the weekend.

Me and baby visited my boss and ate some wedding cake

Yes they had a pirate theme for the reception.

Then I mentioned the pony ride to my boss. He said I can do better then a pony and pointed to a elephant. A FREAKIN ELEPHANT!!! like a real one!

So I looked at the baby and asked her if she wanted to ride it. She looked and me with a Hell Yeah! look so we got in line.

So yeah I've riden a elephant, I can put that on and cross it off my bucket list lol

Even after the elephant the baby wanted to ride a pony

I know it's kinda lame now... lol

Then we got a Renassance staple smoked turkey leg

That thing is GOOOOD, you should get one.

Then the baby wanted to take a pic of me.

And that was my weekend. I hope ya'll enjoyed yours.