22 October 2009

Punkin Pie!!!!

This is becoming a cooking blog... lol I promise I have some good stuff to blog about, I just need to get these blogs off my plate.

Ok so you remember me and the baby went to the corn maze? well she got a little pumpkin (maybe 2 pounds) from the pumpkin patch and told me she wanted to make it into pie. not a jack-o-lantern but a damn pie. I've never seen anyone break down a pumpkin and turn it into anything that wasn't filled with a candle so I saw it as something to try. I asked her if she would help and she agreed. Here's the pics

The pumpkin minus the top

the guts

Breaking Child Labor laws and putting the baby to work

After boiling (I really should have roasted it, maybe next time)

pumpkin puree, but it's not enough for a pie.

Back up Pumpkin *hangs head in shame*

Pie dough, YES from a box sue me!

ready for the oven

Done and Done, what to do while it's cooling?

yum Pumpkin seeds!

REAL Play Dough lol

20 October 2009

Cooking for Puffy

So you might remember me mentioning my cousin Puffy. I like to call him my college student. He comes past my house and eats any leftovers I happen to have on hand. So while he was over last week we talked about me cooking for him. As in he pays me once a week and I make something for him to take for lunch. Sounded like a good idea, he needs food and I like cooking. So we agreed on a price and amount of food.

1st up was Orange Bourbon Chicken with a cornbread top. I got this recipe from Rachel Ray's cookbook that my buddy @jazz_kat sent me. I would link her blog but she don't blog anymore lol. This was my 3rd time ever making cornbread from scratch. The 1st time was a disaster, I tried to re-make a hot tamale pie my ex for dinner once. hers was great, mine was dense and bad. the baby wouldn't even eat it. The 2nd try was much better, So I felt comfortable trying something new with it. Plus this involved me making a BBQ sauce which I knew I could do well. Anyway I took pics!!

the beginning of the Orange Bourbon BBQ sauce, Onions and garlic

Oranges of course

Sauce taking shape

Getting the chicken ready

Chicken in Pan, this was too much chicken for this pan.

chicken meet BBQ sauce

Add cornbread to the party

Finished Product

The only thing I can say is that I made too much cornbread. I made a double batch and that was just too much. it was good though. I also added real bourbon to the sauce which I can believe I didn't take a picture of. I might make some for myself soon.

19 October 2009

R.I.P Goldie

On friday night my baby asked to feed our goldfish "Goldie". she had done it before and I was busy cooking so I said ok. I look over just in time to see her dump a tablespoons worth of food into the tank.

"nnoooo" I said as I tried to scoop some out. I explained that it was too much food for our pet. I got some out by goldfish flakes are not easy to remove. I left it in the tank and figured I'd just have to change the water in the morning. Goldie ate like it was thanksgiving....

In the morning I come downstairs to fix breakfast and see Goldie belly up in the tank. "Shyt!!" I think, the baby was still upstairs and didn't see it. At first i thought he was dead but after careful examination I see he is still breathing. I quickly put him in some fresh water and hope he can pull thru. I'm hoping he just ate too much and had a sever case of the itis.

the baby comes down and sees the fish. oddly she doesn't cry she just asks whats wrong. I say he's sick and I think he ate too much. She says she hopes he feels better... about 2 hours go by and I can tell he's not going to make it. I tell the baby we can go get a new fish. She asks if goldie is dead. I say no. Then she seems excited about a new fish. We have had goldie for about 3 years, he was a 23 cent fish from the pet store. Well worth every penny.

6 hours later, Goldie is on his last legs... I take the baby to get a new fish. she picks a white and gold goldfish which the petsmart lady says "looks pregnant" great now i gotta deal with baby fish too??? she assures me that the momma will eat the babies (I think this is both true and sad) I ask the baby what she wants to name this new pet and she says "Goldie" uuummmm ok. (my daughter has never been good a naming stuff)

We get home and "old" goldie was gone. The baby didn't cry, she actually wanted me to just throw him away. I told her we would flush him down the toilet. My plan worked out perfect, I didn't panic or make it a big deal so the baby didn't either. we don't cry over goldfish in the Van Buren house lol

RIP Goldie #1 2006 - 2009