06 November 2009

Tell'em how you feel Friday

I jacked this from my homie Brran1, you can check him out over at the black lounge....

1. When I'm down you make me smile, even though I know you will please never change.

2. I'm sorry and I'll do better, I'm still growing

3. We both want the same thing, why is this to hard?

4. You like starting shyt and I like finishing it.

5. Dude seriously you need to move back, it's not the same without you.

6. Just know that even though we don't talk often, when we do I leave inspired. I still look up to you.

7. I want to hold your hand and help but you have to fall in order to learn how to get up.

8. The fact that I know you look up to me pushes me to be a better role model. I owe you for that.

9. I never say it but thanks for helping raise me, your wise words are always on point.

10. The bad news is you need me, the worst news is your too stupid to know it, the good news is I no longer care. Well it's good for me.

05 November 2009

Ideas of people

"I think you like the idea of me more then the actual me" I once said that to a girl I was breaking up with. It was my genuis moment of the year... lol She had this idea about who I was or who I could be, only thing was it didn't match who I currently was. Once the truth that actual Dave was not like her dream Dave settled in we had disagreements about it. She wanted me to change and I had no intention of doing it.

Funny thing is she was right. I just didn't recognize it at the time. She saw my potential even when I didn't. You ever meet someone with loads of potential? Someone who has skill but doesn't use it. It's kinda sad, you want to help them, push them in the right direction, boost them so they can reach the sky. Sometimes your able too help but only IF that person wants to change. See even if the world sees someones potential it's wasted if that person doesn't. It's even worse if they know their potential but avoid the change necessary to make it happen.

When you meet these people you develop a "idea" of who they could be. Not so much about who they currently are. Its most noticeable in sports. A would be star player with all the right skills is just never is able to put them together. They have a average career when everyone just knew they would be a star. Too convert that "idea" into reality takes work. You have to decide you want it. Then you need people around you who want it FOR you. You have to have people who share your dream.

I know people in love with the "idea" of their mate. Who they could be, if they only did x, y and z different. Problem is that's not who they currently are. Until they embrace the change needed to make it happen it's just wasted talent. Your idea of them will never happen.

I was over my friends house a few weeks ago when "A Bronx Tale" came on. I love this movie. When I saw it was about to come on the TV I got happy, of course she had never seen it. So as I tried to explain what it was about and why it should be her favorite movie of all time I remembered my favorite quote from the movie. "The worst thing in life is wasted talent" The main character Calogero's dad told him this. It's actually the main message in the movie, you see both how talent is wasted and how it's nutured. Everyone has talent it's just a matter if your are using it or wasting it.

*** I'm so mad at myself for not reading more books, I miss being smart lol. You can blame the recent rash of posts on "the power of now" which has sparked my mind back into working for me not against me ****

04 November 2009


My co-worker was telling a joke about marshmallows and fire when he mentioned that this guy courted a girl for 2 years. So being the single guy I am I ask if my co-workers courted they wives. One of them courted his wife for 6 months... 6 MONTHS!!!! This got me thinking if I could court a girl that long. I mean courting means your trying to gain her admiration. Not date! So that's basically flirting and either not asking the girl out or being rejected and coming back for more.

Now I've left women that adored me and chased after women who just refused to give me a chance but I don't think I've ever seriously courted a girl for any extended length of time. I'm not counting girls you know and never showed interest in. I'm talking about meeting a woman making it clear you like them and pursuing them. I've maybe gone a week or 2. After that I'm asking you out if I'm really interested. If I'm shot down I evaluate the situation... Is she worth persuading? Maybe, maybe not. I couldn't see me chasing 1 girls for 6 months with much less 2 years. Maybe courting is a thing of the past or maybe its the exact reason I'm single.

So my question for the ladies is have you ever been courted? Or for the dudes.. Have you ever courted a girl? Maybe we should bring it back into style lol

03 November 2009

Live From the Corner...

It's been a while since I've mentioned my job but let me touch on a few things..

- We got some new security procedures. for the last 10 years we have have metal detectors and bag checks. I guess this was just too much work because now we just swipe our ID badge and go thru a gate. No checks, you can bring whatever you want into the building. Really I'm loving this, emptying your pockets at the door was a pain in the ass, now i don't even have to take off my headphones. Plus the security guards don't have to front like they are working anymore. It's a win win.

- We got some new interns. I caught one of them sleeping at his desk. I just tapped him on the shoulder and said he should go get a soda or something to stay up. I was nice about it, hell I've been sleep at my desk before too. 2 weeks later he's sleep AGAIN, this time his boss sees him. Bossman tells him if he wants to sleep he should pack up and go home, not fired just go home. You know this fool had the nerve too catch a attidude? I was sittting there in shock, for 1 that this kid had the nerve to talk back and for 2 that they didn't send him packing that day. We have job corps interns so the get flown in from around the US, given a place to live and a job. It's unpaid work but your getting a free trip to DC and work experience. This fool should have been happy to be here. If it were my company his ass would have been escorted out.

- My project from hell is winding down, funny thing is the more issues I had the calmer I got. My mind works better when it's pushed.

- This dude right here made my day.

not only does he have his phone clipped to his shoe, but I'm pretty sure he's rocking womens socks. BTW he's one of the coolest gay dudes I've ever met. At least I think he's gay. Ok next topic lol

*note if you went thru the pictures in my phone you would see I have issues, me and a camra phone = trouble*

- I brought my daughter to work with me a couple weeks ago I was sure she would act a fool but she was well behaved. Thank god for the women in my office, they gave her crayons and worksheets and kept her busy. I swear women are the greatest creation ever lol

Aight ya'll be good till next time.

02 November 2009

Halloween Fun

I was going to post about my job. I even flirted with the idea of venting about my BM but I'll save those for later this week. Today I'll just post some pics from Halloween:

And that's just what we saw waiting by the train station. Sadly Pretty decided that I DIDN'T need to interview people this year. So he didn't bring the mic. We have some video but I'm not so sure how it's going to come out.