25 November 2009

30 down and Thankful

This has nothing to do with me turning 30 in a couple days... nope this is about me dropping 30 pounds. This morning I weighted in at 245.... I've managed to maintain this weight loss even as I got slack on working out and eating right. I'm impressed with myself, honestly what started as me forcing myself to do something has become a lifestyle. I started to like the water and when I drink soda of juice I can feel the difference. It's not a good difference either. When I used to love fries now they make me sick, my body is rejecting the BS. I don't even eat half the stuff I bake, I taste it then give it away. Although my sweet tooth had a rebirth last week I'm over it.

I have a picture of me with Elvis in vegas 3 years ago, I was huge, I had to be close to 285lbs (I wish I could find it to post but it must be at home) I keep it on display just as s reminder, that plus all the 4x shirts in my closet. I amazed I got so lazy and out of control that I figured buying bigger clothes was easier then losing weight. Making your own shirts doesn't help either, it's not a big deal to go up a size when your making something custom. Now i'm more then happy to have my clothes be baggy. My energy level was crap, 30 pounds is alot to carry around. I didn't really notice till it was gone. I mean I was sooo lazy. unbelievably lazy, I remember having sex and afterwards feeling like my heart was going to bust out my chest. I really thought I was going to die... lol it's funny and serious at the same time. I was too young for that shyt... It was definitely a problem, I owed myself more...

Next week I'm back to the grind, I'm trying to drop another 20 by feb, then I'll treat myself to a new wardrobe.

Anyway this thanksgiving I'm thankful for my re-discovered insight into my life and purpose. Were going to leave that lazy bastard I used to be in the past.

Quote of the day: "Being enlightened is no longer enough, you must apply. Being willing is no longer acceptable, you must do." - Royce Da 5'9

23 November 2009

Dave's guide to getting over your Ex

Last night I was on the phone with my friend for over a hour. She was asking my advice on her now broken relationship. Now If you know me you would know that I HATE sitting on the phone. I'll text or IM in a minute. Since i've known her over 10 years so I gave her a phone pass... lol. Never mind that we already discussed it over drinks a couple weeks ago, nevermind this is like week 3 or 4 after the breakup. I have a 2 week cap on being heartbroke, after that let your A.D.D kick in and move on. It was time for tough love. Anyway it dawned on me that she had no idea how to get over that bamma. So here is my full proof guide to getting over your ex. These are all things that I advised her too do and I have done myself. It's proven effective!

1 - The most full proof method to get over someone is to replace them. Replace them with someone new or your friends. This is the where the whole "rebound" term comes from. The idea is you will be too busy with this new person that you will forget about your ex. In the end it doesn't matter who it is just as long as it's not Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels keeping you company.

2 - Stop cyberstalking. No really why do you want a reminder about how you failed? You don't need to remove them from your online life just make them less visible. Blocking someone is just petty, unless of course they slept with your brother or sister. Its just dumb to be checking up on them via social networking sites. Give them some space, So if they are always on facebook don't sign in for a month or so. Don't worry nobody will miss you and you will not miss anything. If they are on twitter unfollow they ass. You IM them? Make them invisible. Whatever you have to do to not be reminded of them on a daily basis do it. Your Ex is going to do whatever they want whether your looking or not. Your just hurting yourself by being obsessed with their moves. Get offline and get back to real life. Which brings me too...

3 - Remember your old life. Before you were with your new ex you had fun. You did stuff, try and remember what that was and do it again. Life is not over and you will meet someone else, trust me. Life moves on, Stop wondering when they will call because odds are they wont. I'm willing to bet that at least 4 people were waiting for you to be single again. Only your going to miss them because your too focused on waiting for your ex. So yeah get back to your life, you were a great person that's why someone wanted you, even if they don't anymore there is someone else who does.

4 Remember that everyone fails. Jordan didn't hit everyshot, Allen Iverson couldn't crack the starting line up on the Grizzlies, hell even the Lakers lost to the Celtics! Point is everything is not going to be a success. Don't get down over it. Learn your lesson and move on. Everyone has been there, you are not alone and it happens to the best of us. Just because you lost one doesn't mean you are a loser.

5. Last but not least... Don't be mad. If you have some anger about your ex just let it go. Treat your exes like old jobs, Never speak bad on them. It's bad karma and honestly nobody wins. You come off as bitter. Nobody wants to hear you bad mouth your ex. Master some key phrases.. "we're just different people" "we're not compatible" "We grew apart" stuff like that. it may be a complete lie but at least you won't come off as a bitter person. They place no blame.

Stay thirsty my friends... lol