04 December 2009

Free Money!!!

Today I took this water bottle with change

and turned it into this

Damn right! $781, from change! man that money had been sitting in my closet for the longest. I only cashed it in because the bottle was heavy as hell and I was worried I'd never be able to lift it. I just started filling the bottle with loose change at the end of the day. This change used to end up on the floor. Actually it still does some days... lol But yeah not anymore I might make this a yearly Christmas tradition.

A couple stats from the pic

2 Silver Dollars (I have no idea where I got these from)
1715 Quarters
2275 Dimes
1408 Nickels
4777 Pennies

Total 781.42
Processing fee 69.55
Cash 711.87

Next time I'll take it to my bank instead of Coin Star.

02 December 2009

Unsaid Things

The other day I was chillin with my buddy talking about random things when she said:

"I can make you happy"

It was a interesting moment, I was actually speechless. I don't think anyone has said that to me so directly before. My first thought was "She didn't mean to say that" then I thought "wow, maybe she IS drunk" lol. I had no witty comeback and all I could muster was "you have to be happy before you can make someone else happy" Yeah lame I know. I was trying to bob and weave.

So anyway that got me to thinking.... what's wrong with me? A beautiful 25 y/o with no kids and a neon bright future wants to make me happy and I don't want to let her. I mean it's not like I'm not happy, I'm feel great. Seriously who passes this stuff up?

This wasn't the first time, I seem to meet the greatest women. Women who would be great wives and mothers. Women who would be good for me. We meet and hit it off, I love hanging out with them and they love hanging with me but I just refuse to actually date them. Why? idk, I always make up silly reasons. Maybe I am scared of commitment, maybe they just aren't the ones for me. Maybe I know if I date them at some point I will have to marry them, I wont have a reason not too. When me and the ex broke up I think part of me was relieved, I wouldn't have to actually buy a ring. Not that she wouldn't have deserved it but I don't know if I could have actually done it. For all my talk of getting married I'm not so sure I'm actually ready to take the plunge. It's way outside my comfort zone.

lol.. I don't have any real conclusion to this post. My words are failing me all of the sudden. Moments like this I feel real dysfunctional, like I missed some important life lesson.

01 December 2009

Movie Reviews

1st I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday... I'm sure your gifts are in the mail so I'll be patient =)

So as of late I've been catching up on some movies I missed over the summer. Here's my review of a couple

G.I Joe: It just was ok, I don't think they destroyed my memories of the cartoon. Honestly nothing is going to be the original G.I Joe movie with Cobra la la la!!!

Transformers 2: Yeah I could have done without this, the first one was amazing. Now they have a bunch of transformers I've never heard of. The best part was Devastator and they didn't even do the constructabots justice. I mean can we get a Dinobot already?

Twilight: Now I only watched this because my buddy wanted to go see new moon. I was highly unimpressed, it was a vampire love story. Not like I haven't seen 2 billion of them before. Plus the lead dude was creepy and dull.

New Moon: I actually enjoyed this, it had more action and better dialog then the first one. Besides the constantly shirtless dudes it was entertaining. It made the story more complex. The ending was WACK!! but it's one of those ending that forces you to see the next movie

Black Dynamite: Alot of people have not heard of this movie. It's only playing in select cities and DC is not one of them. I saw a trailer and decided to use all my bootleg connects to et a copy. It was either that or drive up to NYC to see a movie. Anyway I finally got a copy and let me tell you... This movie was great! I was crying laughing. It's a movie that tries to make fun of itsself. The music was good, story was just silly enough to be funny and the actors were just having fun. It's getting added to my list of classic movies. matter of fact here is the trailer Leon put up that got me hooked...

29 November 2009

Well Hello 30....

Today is my 30th birthday. Well not actually today since as usual I'm typing this in advance. Everyone is asking me what I'm doing to celebrate and honestly I don't want to do anything. I'm more then happy sitting in the house with my baby and watching spoungebob.

One thing this birthday helped me realize is just how many friends I do have. Seems like everyone offered to take me out or buy me a drink. I've been turning folks down for the past 2 weeks. Its a great blessing to know so many people care about me. I often think I don't have alot of friends but I know that's not the case. My brother's b-day was on friday, he had to work which sucked. I asked him what he was doing to celebrate his 30th, he said nothing... His wife didn't even make him breakfast. We laugh and joke about it but I know it kinda depressed him. Me and him used to celebrate together, before life got in the way. We used to be so much alike.... Now he misses the past and I'm looking forward to the future.

My mom found a bunch of old pictures of the family and I couldn't stop looking at the ones of me and my dad. You could tell we loved each other. I have no idea what happened but I know I don't remember any of that, I'm sure he does. I'm sure part of him feels bad about missing out on my life. Everytime I talk to him it seems like he is nervous, like he doesn't know what too say. I can understand though, we went so long between speaking. It's like I left a boy and came back a man. He doesn't really know me anymore, He knows that little boy from the pics. Since he lives on the other coast we never really get a chance to bond. He never got to see my grow.

Anyway for my birthday all I want is my baby. No parties, no out of town trips. I'm just looking forward to some peace with my baby momma, I just want to raise my daughter and give her a better life then I had. I just want to be a dad, I don't want to miss any of it. Some of my happiest days involve playing with her. I just want to enjoy watching her grow without all the conflict.

As you can see getting old have made me reflective.... lol I'm not sure what my future holds but I know 30 is not going to be as bad as I thought. I have a great family and plenty of great friends who love me despite my many quirks.

Oddly enough this is my 300th post.

btw... There is no excuse for my outfit in that pic, my momma obviously didn't believe in matching or lotion... lol