16 December 2009

Christmas is coming

It just dawned on my this morning that christmas is next week! I've bought the baby 2 things and I'll probably get her a couple more. I try and not go all out for her since I know she will get gifts at her moms house too. She gets 2 Christmases every year. More importantly I need to give away some of her old toys, I need my basement to look less like a day care. Plus I get a tax write off, it's a win win.

Me and The baby put up the tree the other day. I think 5 is the prime age for this kind of stuff. She was super excited when I picked her up. I said we go home and decorate the tree and her eyes lit up. We got home and my neighbors were putting up lights outside, she was just so exited. The whole idea of lights and Christmas makes her happy now. I don't remember if it was like this last year, I swear last year it was all about the gifts, I mean she still says she wants any and everything as a gift she just seems to understand the season better.

I going to take her to go see santa this year. She has never been, she never seemed interested in it before but this year. Last week she asked me:

"Do you know Santa?"

Of course I answered "Yes I know him VERY well"

I wanted to say "I AM Santa!" but I'll let her believe in him a lil while longer. So between that and me seeing this video

I have to take her to see santa this year. If you think I'm beyond using the baby for a laugh you have not been reading long enough.

14 December 2009

My Main Man Joel

I'm not really into TV anymore. I'm not addicted to any TV shows (besides lost but that's another blog), I Hate reality TV and all these singing/dancing/talent shows bore me. When I'm at home either a movie, sport or music videos are playing (unless the baby is running the TV's then it's spoungebob or scooby doo)

That said I do catch 1 show every week. Joel Osteen... if you don't know who he is shame on you! he's a preacher out of houston, tx and has had several new york times best selling books. His preaching style is more motivational then doom and gloom. Joel is my dude, whenever I have stuff on my mind his message seems to relate. More often then not I can relate and apply his message. The week before I went to court he talking about shouting the victory even before the battle. How if you believe good things will happen then they will. All week I was telling fools to shout the victory! lol

My Sunday consist of Joel, football and grilling. Honestly that's all I need.