30 December 2009

Because you knew it was coming...

So you remember the girl from the "Unsaid Things" post???

Yeah she's my new girl. Yes she reads the blog so feel free to offer her you condolences... lol

What? don't side eye the screen like that... I know I said I was done with women in 2009 but the year IS almost over. Technically we didn't even traditionally date first. I've known her for over a year so why bother will all that. They say friends make the best relationships right?

Seriously, stop rolling your eyes. You should be focused on placing bets to see how long it will last... lol I mean I DO have a track record. So much so one of my friends is already down for 6 months... lol #imjustsayin (yes I use hashtags outside of twitter)

Anyway I might not post again till the new year, so ya'll be safe out there. Try and NOT make the news unless its for saving a life or something positive.

28 December 2009

MNF recap

So if you follow me on twitter you might have noticed I went to the redskins game last monday. They were playing the Giants and I completely forgot to blog about it.

The night was rules by the cold and crazy NY fans. On dude in particular talked soo much shyt that a drunken redskins fan wanted to fight him. Drunk fans are the best. Dispite the fact that the Skins got crushed and hearing the stadium go crazy every time the Giants scored (with cheers not boos) I had fun. No really if your a Giants fan and want to move DC apparently have a healthy population for you to join.

Anyway here are some pics: