06 January 2010

The Fallout

Oh what a exciting 2010 this is going to be. After operation GTA was successful I knew the BM would be pissed. On Monday I went to drop off the last of her stuff and to pick up the baby (actually from here on out will call her the baby "little miss sunshine" or LMS since she brightens my day. So I see LMS from the window and she waves, Right as I was about to ring the doorbell she opens the door. She's happy to see me and I'm happy to see her. She wants to go with me so I tell her to get her coat. The BM comes to the door and says she can't go. She mentions something about more stuff in the car, and I explain that I have given her everything. I ask again if LMS can go with me... she can't. Boo.

So I start walking back to my car. the BM is following me calling me some names and saying I trespassed on private property during operation GTA. I kinda chuckled because she was so serious about it. Like I could really get in trouble for walking on someones driveway and getting into my own car. I mean it's not like I broke into a garage and got it... anyway. She goes on about stuff in the car she claims I didn't bring back. I calmly say again that she has everything. Wait let me list some of the stuff she claims I didn't return:

- A child support check
- A 4 pack of cream soda
- Some water
- A package of fiber snacks
- Some receipts

Now the thing there not ludacrisp (thats a word in my world) is the child support check. That check was cut with my money and I'm guessing it was made out to her, why would I take that? it's not like I can cash it. You know what I really really wish I was making this up. She really was talking about suing me for damn soda and water!

Anyway I get to my car, sit down and while my door is still open she leans towards me and sprays me in my temple with mace! As she walked back to the house I was shock. I looked in the mirror, wiped it off and waited for it to effect me, but nothing happened, Thank goodness it was mace and not pepper spray. It burned a lil but I was ok. I started up my car and started laughing... loudly. What kind of loser cant even mace someone right? I mean how hard is it to mace someone who isn't expecting it in the face? I wasn't even mad. It was funny to me #aggravatedassaultfail lol... I went home, called the police and laughed about it all night.

On a not funny note it may be a while before I get to hang with my sunshine again. She is the only tool my BM has to hurt me and I'm sure she will use it for all it's worth. At this rate it's going to be a long month.


phoenix said...

I would laugh at the mace thing too. If that you were crazy, you would have grabbed that thing and maced her right back. She is out of her damn mind thinking all this is a game.

Don't let her use your daughter like that. Call your lawyer and have your visitation rights reinforced. I'm just saying this because this time it was mace, who know what other stuff she's planning to do to you. She's just not right --- don't let her do more stuff without consequences.

Anonymous said...

Damn Dave you cant catch a break with the BM!!!! You have got to be kidding me. She maced you!!!She sound like she need some meds ASAP!!! I just hope LMS is not witnessing all the foolishness BM does. It's good that you can have a sense a humor about all of this somebody else might have caught a charge last night!!!


Ieisha said...

Your BM is cut from a different cloth all the way.

Good news? The attempted mace assault will work in your favor to show her mental instability.

Bad news? She's gonna use LMS as a pawn. The good news about that is that LMS will realize sooner or later.

I want to have a convo with her SO bad. She's needs to get a clue.

As for the child support check, call the folks and have them cut another. Simple as that.

I won't blame you for picking the dimmest bulb in the bunch as your BM....you're definitely wiser now, lol.

What is the deal with the dad of her other kid?

The Jaded NYer said...

I can't even begin to diagnose that woman...they haven't invented that mental illness or the meds to treat it yet SMDH

I hope you're able to see your baby soon!

CocaColaCutie said...

She's ridiculous. A trespassing charge? She really is stretching. I'm sorry she's using LMS against you, but know that will only strain her relationship with LMS later on.

As for the things she claimed you didn't return--shelyinglikeshit!
a. who would leave their child support check in the car? that goes straight to the bank.
b. people still drink cream soda?

buttahflychronicles said...

You knew this would happen right? You seem emotionally ready to deal with it, and believe me LMS will give her hell. "I want to see my daddy!!!!"

I'm starting to think that she has some sort of real chemical inbalance that may require medication or something. Are non ill people really this unreasonable and triffling for so long? I mean really, mace?

buttahflychronicles said...

And oh yes, since you do have a visitation order, just roll up there with the cops. They know how to be descreet so the child won't be tramatized. And now that she has a history with her they should be understanding and cooperative with you. Make it happen, baby. Get your sunshine back today!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I'm with Ieisha..I want to have a convo with her and knock her around a lil. Chick is seriously crazy!

I agree with whomever said roll up with the cops. You have a visitation order. She can not keep you from LMS.

DC Debutante said...

I got news for your Dave, My fathers baby mother from the 70's is still stalking him and trying to make his life miserable and my brother is 32 years old. He never thought a decision he made in 77' would still be affecting him in 2010. This woman sent me an email the other day about how my mother stoll my father from her. These women are sad and pathetic. The children suffer.

Reece said...

Chin up Mr. Daddy :) Prayer and patience is a proven miracle within itself. I love the way you handled yourself though, kudos. As many ladies out here experiencing growing up without fathers and especially after that great episode last Sunday of Tough Love/VHI (when the ladies were breaking down expressing how their relationships or lack there of with their fathers hurt them), it saddens me to see that your BM couldn't allow her and your daughter to go along to spend some quality time with her father. Hmmm.

SincerelyGo said...

Will you be mad at me if I told you I was LMAO when she sprayed you dude? Damn I'm glad she didn't get you in the eyes. That's a shame...she shouldn't keep LMS away from you that's so rude and wrong! *sighs* Passes you a pack of condoms! You guys always seem to land the crazy heffas



Sha Boogie said...

Sorry but I have to LOL @ the mace, what?!

Friggin idiot.

I HATE the BM using LMS against you. The hubby's BM used to do the same thing *sigh*

And this too shall pass...

Caspar608 said...

and if she would have mowed down some innocent pedestrians while she was looking in the back seat for a spare twinkie whilst driving...guess who would have been sued...YOU. Your house, your check, your car...everything would have been fair game for a personal injury lawsuit.

so, Dave, you did the right thing. I would have called the cops when she maced...she needs to be carted off to the looney bin...that would solve your problems with little miss sunshine. LMS would then be in YOUR custody because BM would be labeled certifiably insane.

Like I said...SHE IS A JERK.

BorednTalkative said...

WTF!! She maced you in the face?! Good thing she didn't get you in the eyes. You did the right thing reporting it. She is a fucking crazy!! It's a shame she's using LMS (I like that name) against you. But it will all backfire on her in the end. Stay strong.

KMN said...

Just found your blog and glad I did...nice to see the other side of the story (well at least with someone who has some sense).

See it's broads like this that make women like myself and others on the blog and in this world look like fools. She's on some BS keeping your child from her. (Even though my childs father don't see his daguhter I still wouldn't use her to hurt him or against him...she's not a bartering piece). I'm glad you took the high road and called the police on her and I agree with the others when they say she has a chemical imbalance or is mentally unstable. She got issues. Real.talk.

Mace huh...lol bless her heart. And CocaColaCutie...ain't nothing wrong with an ice cold cream soda...stop hatin LMAO :-)