04 January 2010

Happy New Year?

Whats good readers... I had a wild weekend so this will be a long post. Puffy complained my posts were too short. I will try and make it as enjoyable as possible. My weekend started on Wed night, not because I didn't go to work on thursday but because thats when I figured some stuff out. I was washing dishes (fyi my dishwasher has been broke since summer) and thinking about my life and what I was going to do different in 2010. I was thinking about what made me happy and how I spent the last couple years just going with the flow and not really attacking life. Basically I was playing a prevent defense. You know what they say about Prevent defense? It prevents you from winning.

So I realized that AGAIN I needed to right my life ship. I was thinking about my GF and realized my heart wasn't in the relationship. I wanted to see her happy more then I considered my happiness. As great a person and girlfriend she was my heart knew I wanted to be alone.(reference the whole head vs. heart post) So I was going to have too break up with her, she didn't deserve this, she deserved someone who was going to give it their all and I'm just not at that point right now. I knew I wasn't going to do it before new years though because I might be a a**hole but I'm not that big of one.

I had to work and the GF was off so she brings me lunch. A burrito bowl that shyted on chiptole... I began to rethink everything from the day before, food does that too me lol. That night we went to a NYE party and had a good time.

Hung out with the GF most the day, we saw Sherlock Holmes which was a good movie. I had alot on my mind so I was pretty quiet most the day, in addition to the relationship I had to handle some Baby Momma loose ends, more on that in min. The GF knew something was wrong and she just wanted me to be happy but there was nothing she could do, I didn't want to share I just wanted to go home and get some sleep. Btw, despite how this blog may seem I'm not the kind of guy who talks about my feelings, I'd much rather just work it out on my own.

So you may remember that my BM was driving my car around. she has had it since '04 and I've been trying since '07 to give her this car and she just doesn't want it. By give I mean give, free, all she had to do was register it and pay the insurance. Of course she can't afford the insurance. So I finally told her she had until 2010 to let me know if she wants it, otherwise I would sell/donate it. I was really just tired of paying insurance and registration on a car I never drive. At the same time this car is her only mode of transportation. I had mixed feelings about taking it back since I knew she used it to get the baby around. On the other hand she like to say how I don't do shyt all the time. She say this as she is driving MY damn car! So yeah, the nice guy in me tried to give her a car, she never said she wanted it and honestly I took that as a slap in the face. Like she didn't think I was serious.

So I made some plans for operation GTA. I wasn't about to do it during the day and risk getting into a altercation with her. So I made a early morning "only people up are criminals, dope heads and legs" plan. Problem is I had a whole day to get thru. I took the baby to see this Ice exibit they had at the national harbor, I'll do another post about it. It was awesome, we had a real good time.

After that I was chillin in the house IM'ing with the ex. I asked her if she wanted to get some drinks, she said sure and away we went. Me and her chatted about alot, it was cool. It was the first time we had sat face to face and really talked since the breakup. As I was dropping her off I realized it's only 10pm and I have like 4 hours to waste before opertation GTA goes into effect. So I ask if she wants to see Avatar which I heard was the longest movie ever made next to The ten commandments. She agrees and away we go again. Avatar was good. But it was long I'm sure it could have been made shorter. Anyway by the time the movie was over it was 1am and I needed to go find my ski mask. I drop her off and go about my business.

Puffy had agreed to assist in operation GTA. So at 2am, we are riding in his car listening to some beats he made. I say a prayer that everything goes smooth in between the drums and the snares. Now the house my BM is staying at is on a dead end street. So I decide that it's best for me to walk up to the house instead of having puffy drive. Cars draw more attention, when doing semi-shady stuff it's important to act like your doing something normal. I don't care it was 2am and I was walking in the freezing cold down a dead end street, I didn't run or try and hid behind cars, I calmly walked up to the car put the key in and pulled off. Also let me note that motion activated lights only work if someone notices that it came on.

So part 1 of the mission was successful. I dropped the car off at a undisclosed location (no way I was leaving it at my house) and I went home to get some sleep. I was sure I was in for a long day.

I wake up around 8am. I figured I needed to go clean out the car so I could give the BM all her Crap back. She was sure to call and curse me out once she realized the car was gone. I didn't even eat breakfast I had work to do. So I go clean out the car and I realize just how messed up my car was. The carpets were filthy, the radio didn't work, the power windows are broke, I mean I couldn't sell this car if I wanted too. It's only good for parts. I'm amazed it actually runs.

So as I'm waiting for the BM firestorm I went to go see my GF. On the way there I get a voice message from the police. They want to know if the car is stolen or not. Only the office sounds alot like the BM's dad so I'm kinda hesitant to call back. When I get to the GF's house she has lunch on the stove and it looks good. Again what the hell am I thinking? this girl is great. Then a different police officer calls me, he's at the BM's house. So I tell him I have the car and I was planning on bringing her stuff back. He asks if I could bring it now. I hear my BM in the background talking more shyt on me. The officer explains he wants to be there to prevent any drama. I agree, the GF packs up lunch and I go on my way. Now the officer asked if I can get there in 15min. I say I'm 30min away but I'll hurry. I do like 100mph the whole way there and this bamma is gone! once again PG police fail me.

I pull up, I jump out my car, pop the trunk and start putting her stuff on the curb. She comes out video tapping me. Why videotape it? I have no idea. Her dad starts picking up her stuff and I notice he had tears in his eyes. Seeing grown men cry bothers me, I wanted to ask him what was wrong but it wasn't the time or place. he couldn't be crying about the car could he? Then The baby comes to the front door screaming for me, her grandma holds her back from coming outside. All the sudden I could care less about his tears, my baby is hurt I can see it in her eyes, this is one of them times where I knew I had to leave her crying and just hope one day she understands. The BM tells me she plans on suing me over the car. I once again ask her if she wants to go to the MVA and transfer the title. Again she doesn't answer, so I just get back in my car and go home.

Once home I heat my lunch back up and sit down to eat. It was soo good. Later that night I explained to the GF how I felt, I can't let my stomach start having a say in life.

So to recap... I did a complete douche bag 180 with a great girl, saw a couple good movies, Created memories both good and bad with the baby, stole my own car and I get to go to court over it. Fun times, lets hope the rest of 2010 is a lil more calm.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR DAVE!!! I see your started off with a bang!lol! First I can't believe you broke up with the GF. ALthough I understand your reason still damn. I guess a way to a man's heart is not his stomache!!

BM is off the hook! Whats with the video camera! I felt sorry for the dad he probably was crying because he can't believe his daughter is so messed up!!! I know it was hard to leave the baby like that but when she gets older she will understand! It may not seem like it but trust she knows that you are a good father and that you love her to pieces. No more car stealing in the 010 even if its yours! LOL

Drinks and a movie with the ex? Is it really over!!

Keep the Good post coming!!

Caspar608 said...


Awesome post. Maybe now she'll grow a pair and handle HER business instead of waiting for you to do it for her. She is a JERK. I feel sorry for her Dad.

inc23 said...

wow! what an eventful few days! quite a way to start a new year. best of luck! :)

Ms. Insatiable said...

I exhaled so loud when I read that you didn't break up with the new GF! Whew!

I do not fault you or frown on you stealing that car back. It is your car. The responsible thing for her to do is trade the title and all but no she wanted to act a monkey, treat her like a monkey. I know it was a way for her to get around with your child but for all that you can take your daughter where she needs to go. BM is on some bullshit. And she wants to pay the car note on it, then she can. Tell her suck one.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Didn't mean to but I chuckle when when you said "he couldn't be crying about the car could he?"

I just don't know what to say about BM. You have done more than enough for her.

Anonymous said...

so did you break up with her or not? i'm confused.

glad you handled the situation with your BM

The Jaded NYer said...

OMG please tell me you didn't steal your own car?? LMAOOOOO! I hope it's OK that I'm laughing; if not, MY BAD! lol

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Booo on BM's life she is a womp womp if ever I've heard of one! Im confused about the GF though actually im confused about the GF's.. they all seem so nice and then suddenly you always call it quits. Hmmm

Young woman on a journey said...

yo...you are such a serial monogamist commitment phobe! this post just killed me softly. your bm is crazy as hell.

RealHustla said...

I'm so ready for her to wake the eff up!

phoenix said...

Well damn, no wonder you didn't have time for twitter (I kid!)

Good for you, you have given her THREE years to take care of business when it came to the car, it isn't your fault she didn't take care of changing the car to her name. She has TWO kids and wants other people to handle her business, she needs to get it together on that front and be an example. When you do go to court, make sure you mention how fucked up the car was.

As for her dad, he was probably crying because she's a hot ass mess who pushed a good guy to do something like that.

Whatever to her.

Sorry about you and the GF but if you aren't into it there isn't a point stringing a good woman along for the ride. Hope she understands that down the line.

Sha Boogie said...


Stole your own car? Awesome!!

BM's suck - the husband's BM and your BM sound related with their rediculousness *sigh*

Awww... sorry to hear about the break up - food should have won! lol