08 February 2010


I'm sure you heard about all the snow the DC area got this weekend. I could talk all about it and post pics of my neighborhood but why bother when my cousin took pics of a epic snowball fight in Dupont Circle?? 5 Thousand people showed up to have good ole fashion winter fun. This is why DC is better then your city lol... Btw, Pretty now wants to be referred too by his govt name "Wade" and you can check his photography work at http://picturethisdc.blogspot.com/ He's sure to be posting plenty of good stuff there soon.


Young woman on a journey said...

i wish i was there!

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Jealous!! I cant wait to come to DC next month!! YAY!

Ieisha said...

I LOVE HIS WORK!!! I have subscribed to his blog so I am hoping that he continues to post. I may have to pick his brain about crafting my hobby.

Good post and plug!

Stay warm!

buttahflychronicles said...

This snowball fight doesn't look like it was planned. I picture lots of people walking up talkin bout "I'm gettin in on this....just wrap your scarf around your head and neck real tight...but this wool suit was expensive." Nah, I'll pass. Fun to watch tho.

Good work Mr. Wade Johnson

Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

Luckily NY will be hit with this monstrosity of snow tomorrow and thursday so I hope to gather all the hood ninja's around my way and hit them dead in the face with snowballs and say I was just playing.

Hopefully I don't get body slammed in the snow for being so forceful!

Caspar608 said...

I chipped my front right tooth during an epic snowball fight in the hood back in 83...I was using a metal trash can lid as a shield and our opponents charged us. It was horrifying at first. But then my comrades made my assailant eat yellow snow. awesome!

I've always encouraged a snowball fight since that day.



Remnants of U said...

The pictures on his site are great. The snowball fight looks like fun. Wasn't there a snowball fight in Dupont Circle during the last snow storm.