30 March 2010

Book Reviews

One of the many benefits of blogging is now and again people send me free stuff. The good folks at Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists sent me some books to review.

Originally my plan was to read them to LMS and get her review.... Yeah we all know why that didn't happen. So I ended up reading them, and actually enjoying them....

Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus by Jeanne McNaney

This is a story about a young orangutan who's parents are captured by poachers and a little girl who helps him rescue them. I liked the message in the book about how animals have feelings and we as humans should try to put ourselves in there shoes. I wasn't a fan of the artwork though. I think the characters could have been drawn better to reflect the part of the world the story takes place in.

This was a book for both adults and children. It's a story about a pre-K child who learns to read. It shows how his family encourages and helps him learn basic words and how to spell everyday items. It's filled with tips and tricks for parents on how they can help their child get a head start in Kindergarten. I liked both the tips and the story.

I'm Up in a Tree by Mark Alden Johnson

This book was about a little boy who climbs a tree only to find himself stuck. He goes over various options on how to get down. It's a traditional children's book with repetitive words and rhymes. It's a fun kinda silly book that I could see myself reading to LMS. Overall I liked it.

Feeding Penny Pig by Jeannie Fox

This is a story about a little girl who is given a piggy bank as a gift. She learns that her piggy bank likes to be fed and gets sad when it's not. The story kinda drags and I wish it would have ended better. Its meant to teach kids about saving money but in the story it's never explained what the little girl is saving for. It ends with her just putting coins in the piggy bank. While I liked the idea of the book i just think it could have been executed better.

Your Family Constitution: A Modern Approach to Family Values and Household Structure By Scott Gale

This book was just for parents. it's a guide to making a constitution for your family. yes just like one that governs the USA. It's a great book, reading it I learned valuable techniques on how to manage a family. Granted I'm not married and all I have to manage is 1 child, but still. It's a good read to help you realize how important structure and rules are in a household. While I don't know if I'll be creating a physical constitution to frame in my house I can't deny that it's a good idea.

Overall This was a good collection of books and I'm happy to add them to the library.

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This One Woman said...

Thanks for the book reviews. I am thinking about getting "How Lil Eddie Learns to Read" for my son since we are living this right now. I also may check out the Family Constitution, sounds interesting.