25 March 2010

Live from the Courthouse

This week I wrapped up my court drama (well the criminal part of it) and of course I have notes from my time in the courtroom:

- The first judge we had was SUPER slow. I mean even the police officer were getting annoyed by how long cases were taking. This bamma even forgot to swear in a witness... smh
- Pant suits are not sexy, really get a skirt ladies
- I know I mentioned it before but Bamma's really don't dress up for court anymore. I saw more then 1 dude in gucci print pants and way too many black hoodies.
- If your ever in a court room go sit next to the cops. They are the funniest people in the room. They get excited when the case is called early and they get to go home and they tell the best stories.
- Sitting in court you hear the craziest cases, this chick caught a assult charge because she got into a fight with her Baby Daddy. She pulled 2 bats out her trunk AND a box cutter. I think she just got house arrest lol
- Being a State attorney must be a fresh outta school job. About 90% of the ones I saw were young and didn't seem to have it all together.
- I know I was in the court too many times because the State Attorney remembered me by name and face. I guess it helped that I was in the same courtroom and sat in the same seat every time I went.
- Some People looked real stressed in there, Me? I kept thinking about what I was going to eat once I was let go. #innerandouterfatkid
- The wack ass meter at the court house takes coins and Credit Cards. No dollars. Lots of people were stuck lol
- We had this 1 young black judge. Dude was on his shyt. He demanded all men tuck their shirt in and pull their pants up before he would address them. He was taking no BS reasons for continuance. Overall he was a hard ass. My kinda dude, I wanted to give him a fist bump lol

Last thing, My BM HATES me. Get this... she had a assault charge against her which carries a max 10yr prison. My charge carried a max of 18months. So the State Attorney made a offer. If I refuse to testify against her and she refused to testify against me we would BOTH be found not guilty. I was like cool, I just wanna go home and I highly doubted she would get any real jail time. Honestly it was more of a deal for her then me. My guess was she would get probation or something. I was sure I wasn't going to jail or going to be found guilty. She should have jumped at it. 10yr is no joke, even if you only had to serve a week. Who wants to go to jail for a week when you can be found not guilty? Who wants to sit thru a trial? So they ask her if she is willing to do it.... NOPE. She wants to go to trial... smh. I guess she would rather see me get in trouble then avoid going to jail.

In the end the States Attorney just dismissed both cases, my BM looked pretty pissed about it. Maybe she didn't understand what she was facing. I was happy, dismissed is better than not guilty. It's like it never happened.

Other thing of note... I've learned to only answer questions that are asked. I had both cases against me dismissed and not once did I have to discuss the merits of my case. Nobody asked me what the facts were, I just sat around and waited. My BM was talking to any and everyone she could. She super looked stressed, I just left the situation to god and focused passing the time. I knew I didn't do anything wrong and in the end it worked out.


Caspar608 said...

your babies mama is a biiiiiiittttcccchhhhhhhhhh.

keep the faith dave : )

peace, cas

Monique said...

I'm so happy that worked out for you! Now on to the custody hearing. When is that? When do you get to see LMS again?

BorednTalkative said...

I'm glad the criminal case is done with. This chick is crazy. She would risk jail time just to spite you. Damn. Well I hope the custody case goes in your favour as well.

Kingsmomma said...

lesson learned "never trust a big butt and smile" ;)

I'll be pointing myson to your blog when he gets older. I don't think I can find the right words to describe how heinous some women can be. Glad all this worked out in your favor.

I so agree on the court thing. I have stories for DAYS about some of the cases i see. Pure hilarity

Kingsmomma said...
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RealHustla said...

Grabbin you round the neck, and kissin you on your fat kid cheeks. "On to the next one" "Just keep swimming"

12kyle said...

Miserable is not a word to describe her...pathetic...that's better

Congrats, fam. Keep ya head high

Caspar608 said...

I"ve been thinking about your situation and the neverending drama...maybe its just me...and the way I live my life...how I do things...

it was my decision, ultimately, to have my children. He and I were never married. He really didnt say anything at all when I was pregnant. We lived together, we had our ups and downs (a lot), but whatever the case may be...I had the children, it was my choice. If we were married and we planned to have children, I wouldnt even be entertaining whats been on my mind in regards to your situation.

My personal belief is...I had these kids. I knew I was going to be - for the most part - a single mother come what may. So I planned accordingly. I worked hard. I never asked anyone for a motherfucking thing, never even asked their Dad for anything either. Far as I was concerned, it was MY job to provide since it was MY decision to have the children. Pause. Their Dad never said "don't", he just went along for the ride and was very happy when they arrived. All of them, he was a good Dad...very loving...walked the floors at night with crying teething sick babies...he did an amazing job considering it was all my idea (LOL). We went through some things, he was MIA for a while...needed to get his act together. I was hurt, but he was who he was and when he returned, he was 10 times better a father than the great Dad he was before...and my children...they were taught a valuable lesson in forgiveness and redemption that they will carry with them all their lives...

I know I sound like I am rambling...forgive me. I just feel, if you have a baby outside the confines and protection of marriage...and either the childs father is a no good piece of humanity or he is a great Dad...if the man doesnt VOLUNTARILY offer you assistance why would you use the Courts to take it from him? Get to grittins and take care of YOUR business. All this talk of dragging people to Family Court is ridiculous. If someone does not want to provide for their child voluntarily, do what you have to do. I have too much dignity - not to be mistaken for pride - to go to Court to force water from a rock for my flesh and blood. They need it, I get it. END OF STORY.

But thats just my opinion.

Sha Boogie said...

Ugh.. your BM be forcing it! I'd like to personally come to D.C and kick her in the ankles for being stupid.