11 May 2010

Parenting 101

In my county they require anyone involved in a contested custody case to attend 2 parenting classes. Although it's required they still charge $125 which kinda pissed me off but anyway. Originally when I was scheduling the class I said I didn't care if me and BM were in it at the same time, my lawyer objected and said to make it separate classes. My thought was "I'm not scared of her" but after being in the class I fully understand. I didn't expect this to be a happy place but damn....

First off this class was in the basement of the library. I didn't even know libraries had basements. There was this big room with about 150 chairs, the place was packed. So packed people had to stand in the back. Before class you had to sign in, 15min after the class started they removed the sign in sheet but they still let people come in and attend the class. What they didn't say was that if you don't sign in you don't get credit for coming, even if you stay for a majority of the class. There was about 20 people pissed to learn they would have to repeat the class because they arrived too late to sign in and get credit lol

As soon as I walked in I noticed how packed it was, I was expecting maybe 30 people. This place was so packed I had to get a spare chair and find a place for it. I found some empty space on the side near the back next to this cell phone that was charging on the floor. I didn't move the phone because it was there first lol. I can never be one of those people who carry wall chargers everywhere I go. If i can't charge it in the car then my phone can just go dead.

The class was scheduled to be 3 hours long. Here are some random observations from my time...

- It started at 6pm so I decided to just eat dinner before I went. A lady showed up with her teenage son and took a box of KFC out her purse, I kinda wanted to ask if she had a double down in there but I decided against it.

- Within 10 minutes of being there I realized that this class is geared towards folks getting a divorce. They talked about grief and family transitions it was actually pretty interesting. They discussed how people and children deal with loss and what emotions they might be going thru.

- As I looked at the crowd I noticed lots of young people. Like high school kids, i'm not sure if all of them were court ordered to go but I can't see any other reason to be there. These kids need to stop fukkin.

- There was this dude sitting near me who I swear looked just like Cutty from The Wire, he was eyeing up the lady who brought in the KFC lol.

- Once the speakers started asking for crowd participation I realized that there were alot of angry people in the room. They started asking questions and talking about their specific situation and you could tell some were still bitter towards their ex and the situation. It was then that I realized I'm completely over my BM, I don't have the same anger when I talk about her that these people have. Even when she does shyt that should drive me crazy I've learned to just ignore it. These lots of these people are still in the anger stage.

- One presenter began with "I don't have a degree for any of this"... At least she was upfront about it.

- 2 people recognizing each other who live in the same neighborhood. Guess you private matter just went public lol #awkward

- Dude in class in a wife beater on. Not saying you should dress up but damn.

- There was a mother and daughter in a custody battle. They were in the same class and got into a mini-argument trying to get the speakers to side with each of them. That's when I realized that you shouldn't be in this class with the other party, I could easily see a fight breaking out.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Your lawyer is worth every penny you're paying them because they are seriously watching out for you! Did BM attend her classes and does it hold anything up if she doesn't? And what's next when the classes are done?

Ms. Camile said...

Oh Lord! This is deep. I hope you only have to take the class once. I wonder how effective it is with so many people. I guess it's legit if you remember some of it. People will learn or gain knowledge based on how hungry they are for it.


Alovelydai said...

I always want to give you a hug or cook you dinner every time I read one your BM inspired blogs...it sucks that you have to go through this...but I'm glad to know that you harbor no ill will toward her. But I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to shake some good common sense into her.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you can still find humor in all the bull crap you have had to go through thanks to BM!! Hopefully all this will be over soon.
Only in PG county would a dude show up with a wife beater on and a chick pull out KFC from her purse. LOL


Sha Boogie said...

I know a married couple..well I guess 'divorcing' couple that have to take those classes before they can call it quits.

AtruHollywood said...

1. #Shoutout to my BFF Camile Up there Id like to think I put her on to you!! YAY mE! Ok ..anyway whomp on BM's life (#imjustsayin). I too am glad that you are able to find some humor in this fuckery of a situation. Issues like these could turn people bitter and you seem to have dodged that bullet!

Otis said...

Im still laughin about 'Cutty' lol lol

Redbonegirl97 said...

Dayum, good luck to you on these classes. I am thankful that my kids father never took it there because he knew if he did that his side of the court room would be empty.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Highly favored said...

You have me crackin' up.Do they really think these classes are beneficial?