16 June 2010

Party Time...

No big stories today, I actually just have a question for ya'll. LMS b-day is coming up and I want to throw her a party. Is it wrong for me to have a separate party from whatever her mom is planning? Honestly I don't want to be in the same space as my BM and I think any joint party we throw would have more tension then fun.

Considering everything thats going on I think this would be a good time to start a 2 party tradition. I don't think LMS would object to having 2 parties a year, provided her mom throws her one. So what do ya'll think? anyone out there already do this? how does it work out?



Laura said...

Two parties is fine, I say go for it...my friend does a seperate party from his daughter's mother (and there are no hard feelings between them). The mom usually invites school friends and he usually invites, mostly family, cousins, etc.

Kid parties should only be about fun, no tension.

BorednTalkative said...

I agree with the 2 party idea. It will avoid any tension and LMS gets to celebrate twice.

Kingsmomma said...

I don't think its a bad idea at all considering teh situation she will probably have a whole bunch of 2 event occasions.

Last year, King had 2 bday celebrations, one where I took him to an amusement park and another where his father's family threw him a "party"

It went well. King was able to see people that wouldn't necessarily contact me to see him and i got to eat cake. Win win.

But seriously i think if your daughter wants you at her party with the mom then you should try your best to be there. Talk to LMS, she seems pretty smart and her answers regarding the situation may surprise you.
At the end of the day you want to create the best possible environment for your daughter and if that entails 2 parties, i guarentee you she'll be A-ok with that.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Anything positive in your childs life is good,focus on the child,leave the adult business out of anything you do for your child.

Anonymous said...

If the two parents are not civil, and cannot get along then two parties are best usually. My daughters father and I did two parties for the first few years after splitting, but as we've matured we now have one party to which everyone is welcome. When two adults realize its about their kids joy, and having the people they love in one space to celebrate them, then one party works just as well.

Lena said...

Given everything you have going on right now with BM, it's probably best to have separate parties. Even if you don't make it the norm, it will still be a way to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Ask LMS for her input. She might welcome two parties in later years.

chele said...

Until you can stand to be in the same room with your BM, two parties would be best. LMS doesn't need to be exposed to tension at her birthday party. What kid wouldn't want two parties?

nicki nicki tembo said...

under the circumstances, a 2nd party would be an absolute consequence of the current situation.

Alovelydai said...

My daughter has had separate bdays since she was 3...she loves it. Two parties = more gifts!

Caspar608 said...

Throw that baby two parties!!! Why both with her Mama foolishness when you can make sure the little princess feels like one!!! Give her a princess themed party ... you have the space and the place my brothaaaaaaaaa!!!! Pink and purple and white balloons all over the place, streamers, a kid disco with a disco ball so they can get DOWWWWWWNNNNNNN on the dance floor in the middle of your living room...make it a party she'll never forget! No tension, no drama, just good times and happiness....
Pizza Bagels
Chicken Wangs
Corn on the Cob
Mac and Cheese
Pasta salad

CUPCAKE TOWER!!!!! In the shape of a CROWN...you can buy jewel colored sprinkles so they look like diamonds...let her wear a princess costume if she wants!!! Let her enjoy being a girl!!! I'm having a blast just THINKING about it!!! Rent a cotton candy machine...it's super cheap!!!

I have lots of ideas...I'm so excited for LMS!!! TWO PARTIES!!! HOLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


love, cas

Redbonegirl97 said...

Yeah I'm late. Hopefully she will throw a party and not try to guilt you into inviting her yours. Hopefully she won't try to sabotage any of your plans.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Sha Boogie said...

Of course! My step daughter birthday was yesterday and we NEVER do anything with the mother, two is better than one, lol. Every year the BM gets pissy but SO WHAT. Do something for her on your own! She'll love two parties :))