29 September 2010

All Dad All Day

So where were we? ummmm I was granted custody and leaving the courthouse. My lawyer explained that the order needed to be signed to be official and that should happen in the morning. He also said I could get the police to help me get LMS. He gave me a couple numbers to the shierff's office and sent me on my way. As I walked to my car I made a couple calls to spread the good news, then went home and let it all soak in.

I was chilling at home with my girlfriend around 8pm when I get a call. It's my Babymomma, she says I can pick up LMS right now. I was taken off guard and said "ok" and hung up. After I think about it for a minute I decided that it's better for me to wait till I have the signed order in my hand just to avoid anymore drama. I call her back and say I will pick LMS up the next day. She replies "No, this is your game, if you want her you can have her... I will just drop her off" click. Fast forward 20min later and my doorbell rings. I ignore it, it continues to ring, I continue to ignore it. Then I hear the door open! I left it unlocked!!! I run upstairs and LMS is standing there with her grandfather, she runs in and gives me a hug and he leaves.

At this point my mind is mush, what just happened. I woke up that morning hoping I would get custody and thinking I would have some transition period till I had LMS full time. Now I'm standing in my living room at 9pm looking at LMS in her granddads shirt and some underwear. I tried to gather my thoughts and figure out what happens next. My girlfriend headed home and I put LMS in the shower and made a plan for the next day.

The next morning I planned to go buy LMS a new backpack and some shoes then take her to school then try and track down my signed order. (remember she was dropped off with nothing, no clothes, no backpack, just her beat up torn up shoes) Then my BM emails me and says she is going to withdraw LMS from school.

sidebar *LMS was in a school about 20min from my house, I had every intention to keep her there so she didn't have to deal with even more change in her life. Even though I have a school 1 min from my house.*

So once my BM said she was going to withdraw her from school I figured I'd try and talk to the school to see if she could stay. Otherwise I would have to transfer her the school near my house. Also if I was ever unsure that my BM didn't care about LMS this confirmed it. This only hurt LMS, I have no clue why she did it but I'm assuming she felt like she was getting back at me. Creating more work for me to get LMS settled. Either way LMS was now not in school.

Thursday... We went up to her school and they explained that she couldn't continue to go there. I lived outside the schools zone and she had already been withdrawn. Also school was closed on friday. So I a day to get her enrolled in a new school and figure out what I was going to do for aftercare. I spent the day running all over town, dragging the poor baby in and out of the car getting court docs, enrolling her in school, buying new shoes and groceries. Plus we went to like 5 aftercare places, None of them would work. Either they don't pick up from her school or they had a waitlist. Just when I was about to say f*ck it and be a stay at home dad selling weed brownies out my house like the chick on WEEDS I found a lady in the neighborhood that does daycare. We went over there to check it out and it seemed to be ok. It wasn't perfect but LMS like it and instantly started playing with the kids. Plus the hours are good and they do homework with the kids. It's a good place.

Luckily the school I put her in is the same one she was in last year until her mom withdrew her. When we walked in everyone remembered her. Its good that even though its a different school it's not a brand new one and she seemed excited to be back. Besides being tired from me dragging her around all day.

Friday... My sister agreed to watch LMS while I ran more errands. The new school requires everyone to wear uniforms. I had none, so I had to go shopping. I swear I came home with more bags over the weekend then I have all year. I found GAP uniform shirts on sale for $3.46 a piece, I cleaned them out then went to find some pants and jumpers. I found pants but they were all too long. I was tired of shopping, I HATE shopping, I just like new stuff, I want it to magically appear in my house. The whole process of shopping is overrated. Reason #25785 why I need a wife.

So after I spent a bunch of money, I went to go pick up LMS from my sisters house. luckily my sis cooked dinner and she had eaten, we headed home and went to sleep.

Saturday... I promised LMS we would do fun stuff since the we had not done anything but run around. We went to buy some play shoes, a raincoat and ran around chuck e cheese for a while. Then we got some frozen yogurt and life was good. I still had problems finding uniform jumpers but I figured I'd do that on sunday, my mom agreed to watch LMS for a lil while and hem her uniform pants. I also had a long back to school list of supplies I had to fill. I ended the day taking out LMS's braids... this took me like 2 hours to do half her head, she was tired and so was I.

Sunday... We woke up, ate breakfast and I finished taking out her braids. I knew I had to wash her hair and my GF gave me instructions on how to condition it. She offered to come over and blow dry it for me. LMS had never had her hair blow dried before so after some crying and negotiations it got done. My mom came over and took LMS out for ice cream, me and the GF went uniform and school supply shopping. I finally found a spot that sells jumpers and bought a bunch of them. LMS officially has more clothes then me. now she needs hangers for them all.

In the end the weekend was kind of a blur, LMS got everything she needed to start school on monday. While I felt a bit overwhelmed with how quickly it all happened I'm lucky to have a support system of people who love me and LMS enough to help. She's been with me a week today and we are starting to settle into a rhythm that can work. Besides she seems to be really happy to be with dad.


buttahflychronicles said...

Ok her picture had me cracking up. Yes she looks super happy, lol!

Where'd you get the jumpers from? Did you go to target like I suggested?

I really don't get the grandpa's t-shirt and underwear thing. But hold up, BM does care about her daughter, come on now, you know this. However, there are some mental issues there that cause her to not treat LMS appropriately. And this is a perfect example.

If BM didn't care why else would my mom still be calling me to talk about whatever even though I'm not very conversational. Wait, where am I going with this? (your story not mine)

Anyway, you'll be alright. And you just have to be patient with BM. Maybe she'll get on some meds soon.

Babs said...

You should go ahead and embrace the whole shopping online thing from now on! I'm exhausted just thinking about all those errands.

Monique said...

Yay! You survived your first week. Isn't it awesome to have a support system that will help you? And sounds like the GF has your back too. ;) Good deal, homie. You need to change the title of this blog from "Baby Daddy Diaries" to "Single Dad Doing It". LOL

chele said...

Sounds exhausting ... but soooo worth it!

GorgeousPuddin said...

She looks extremely happy! Good job Dad!

Alovelydai said...

I agree...it's time to change the title! It's exhausting being a parent. I need a nap from reading this.

Caspar608 said...

I love that little girl.

Rose's Daughter said...

I just read this and the last post! Congrats!!! Welcome to the world of full time parenting!!! She looks extremely happy!!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Her smile says it all! Congrats again!!!

Jurista said...

I already said that you're no longer baby daddy....just daddy....and you're technically not a single parent b/c you defined your whole support system in this one post. I knew you had a girl but didn't realize her role till this post. You hardly mention your mom or your sis and in this post alone, they have come out the blog woodwork (figure of speech) to help out.

I know I have a TON of help with Buddha so I don't consider myself a single parent. When you factor in his dad, my parents, grandparents (all three sets), aunts, uncles, cousins and friends....it really is a village.

Congratulations again on LMS. I always knew it would work out for you and LMS is in GREAT hands. Can't wait to read more stories about LMS.

As for the hair, find a woman to help with it; keep it natural and learn the art of 2 good pony tails.

BorednTalkative said...

That's one happy little girl!!! I'm sure you'll adjust to the full time parenting. I'm very happy for you and LMS. It's good that you do have that support system behind you. Good luck (although I don't think you'll need it)

bayoucreole said...

She looks so happy! I love that picture. You'll be just fine, you have a wonderful support system and a beautiful baby girl.
Cherish your moments because, they go by so fast. I know you will.
Wonderful story.

Krissy said...

She looks so happy. And I hate shopping. This post really did make me tired. I feel like I need a nap

inc23 said...

She has a smile from ear to ear. Love it!

That's a crazy weekend but I'm glad you guys are settling into a schedule. It's all uphill from there!

Brown English Muffin said...

She sure does look happy!

Anonymous said...

I was praying for everything to work out right. :) And it did!! Good work, Daddy!! And look at that silly grin!! Lookin like her daddy!

Once you both settle into your new life, things will get into a nice groove. Yay to your mom and sis and GF for their support and help.

And the BM is straight up crazy.