21 September 2010

On The Radio pt2

So ya'll remember when I said I was going to be on the radio? Well I actually did the interview and it went well. If your interested in listening head on over to

http://www.wrightontheedge.com/archives.php and click on the Sept 11th show. I'm on for the 1st 40 minutes or so. I only got 1 caller but he was great, honestly in my love of all things random I could not have asked for a better caller. It's not till the end but it's worth it. I was dying laughing on the inside.

If you listen to the interview and have any additional questions or comments please feel free to leave them and I will actually respond. Either in the comment thread or in a seprate post. I know I suck at responding to comments. I did a ask me anything post a while back and kinda regretted it but I figure while I'm answering questions I might as well give everyone a chance to ask.

Thanks to Wendy Wright for having me on, I had a good time and I wasnt nearly as nervous as I thought I would be.


Ms. Camile said...

Uh oh! Is a career in radio your next adventure?

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the show Dave!!! You did great!!! Enjoyed it!!