28 October 2010

Random ish...

Whats good people, I feel like I never blog anymore. Not because I don't have time but because everything I want to talk about is stuff I don't want to blog about lol. Its one of the Side effects of your blog being so open. Anyway heres a little update...

- Currently the hardest part about being a full-time dad is dealing with LMS crying for her mom. I'm sure I mentioned before I'm not the best when it comes to empathy and when she cries how she wants her mom I'm perplexed on how to handle it. I console her, tell her it's ok but part of me wants to tell her the truth. That her mom is bat shit crazy and she's better off not living with her. I try real hard not to talk negitive about her mom in front of her though.

- I enrolled LMS in a tennis class. I'm not sure if she likes it or not. Everytime I mention is she says she doesn't want to go, but when it's time to go she is excited. I think we'll do swimming next.

- I need a vactaion in the worse possible way. Like I need a couple days where I don't do anything. Hell someplace with no clocks would be perfect.

- Speaking of clocks I feel like my whole life is being governed by it. Keeping a child on schedule means you have to be on the same schedule. So I'm constantly looking at the clock figuring out how much time I have to get stuff done. Funny thing is once LMS is in bed and I have "free" time I don't even know what to do. I'm so tired I just want to go to sleep myself.

- I've had LMS a little over a month, it feels like so much longer though. Over all I think i'm doing a good job, nothing spectactular but I'm managing it. In football terms I'm a QB who manages the game well, but not a superstar.

- I realized I get stressed the most over money. Women, BM drama and LMS crying I can deal with. Looking at my bank account when I'm broke depresses me like nothing else. I need to be able to provide, feeling like I can't puts me in a bad mood that carries over to everything I do.

- My b-day is a month away... I'm not even excited about it, I'll be 31. No parties planned and since it's on a monday I'll probably just come to work like any other day.

- In good news I started losing weight again. Eating with LMS makes me eat healthier and in smaller portions. So I dropped a good 10lbs. LMS has maintained her weight but she looks slimmer, overall eating and excerise are going well.

- My mom has been a huge blessing thru all this. She made LMS a princess dress for halloween in like 3 days. I'll post a pic after halloween.

Ummm, thats about it. I'll try and post more but in the mean time go check out www.cookinwithdave.com I've posted a couple things over there.


Redbonegirl97 said...

I am so terrible. I didn't know that you had her now. Congrats. I hope things get easier for her. I know being away from a parent can be hard but you seem to be doing everything right. Even though you say you lack empathy just reassure her that mom loves her. Good luck Daddy!

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Babs said...

I'm so happy to hear you've got her in tennis and next swimming. Participating in sports will not only help her drop some pounds, but will increase her self-esteem and people skills as well.


Colleen said...

of course she's going to cry. the poor kid had stockholm syndrome for chrissakes. she needs therapy and coping mechanisms. you can be a good dad without over empathizing.

tennis and swimming. excellent. keep her away from high fructose corn syrup...that can depress her too. if you have netflix there is a documentary on there about nutrition. watch it together...if she sees the good and bad things food can do for her body she won't want the bad things. we watched it together and my kids have been eating raw cashews, carrots and celery for the past week. cashews might help with her blues. true story.

anyway Dave, I know how you feel. I needed a vacation years ago...but there is no rest for the wicked or mighty. LOL.

you'll be ok. hang in there. you only have one. I lost my mind a long time ago and I am still alive dammit.

SweetyHunni said...

checkout notthehuxtables.blogspot.com....he just gained full custody of his daughter as well maybe you can swap stories, lol

whetheryoulikeitornot said...

I love reading your blog..I'm sure your life is more than a little bit busy with you taking care of a little one and all. ( I say that to say it's understood u haven't blogged in a while)

I think not saying anything and letting her decide for herself is the best way to handle it. Well played.

I pray your money situation comes together...it's not been that long that you had LMS, so I am sure you have to re-figure your finances for two.

12kyle said...

Hang in there, fam. You're right, tho. With kids, everything is scheduled. I find myself staying up late just to "enjoy the free time."

RealHustla said...

For some reason I'm excited to know that there's a man out there living my life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
I dont typically post a reply but its good to hear about how things are going. Congrats on getting your baby more active. Structure is good for kids and you have to realize it will take some getting used to. I have 2 stepkids and when I started enrolling them in activities they were not used to having a schedule besides school dinner bath and going to bed. Keep up the good work. I applaus any father that is willing to step up when the mom is unwilling or unable. Thats what I love about my husband the most.

Creative1k said...

I'm happy to see that things are on the up and up for you and LMS.
Tennis is cool, but swimming is definitely a blast for the kiddos.

The crying spells will come and go, but just encourage her daily and all will be well.I have to admit I loved the bit about BM being bat shit crazy though ;)

Although I'm all too familiar with the no $$$ feeling. I try find other ways to boost my provider morale until the 1st rolls back on around. One way of thinking, I've used that's helped me is I'm ok with being broke if all my bills are paid; however if an 911 situation arises then I'm bat shit off my rocker, cuz I'm broke :/<.

Keep on keeping on!!!

foshead said...

Man, I've had my lil' mama for 2 1/2 months now so I feel where you're coming from. Amen to you brother, amen!