12 December 2010

Good Cop/Bad Cop

I'm a patient person. I've learned how to sit and wait my turn, wait for the sun to shine my way. My daughter isn't patient. I'm not sure if it's because she's 6 or just that shes a girl or maybe she inherited it from me or her mom. I'm not sure but this lil girl has zero patience. On top of that shes lazy. how are you lazy and have no patience? I mean being lazy should make you able to wait for anything right?

Anyway her lack of patience eats away at mine, usually when I encounter someone who is lazy or impatient I laugh and ignore them. It's thier issue not mine, except when it's me being lazy or impatient. This time it is my issue though. I have to mold this lil girl into a functional member of society, I refuse to let her be lazy and expect that life is just given and she doesn't have to work for anything. So while I'm usually laid back and relax when dealing with her I have to be proactive. Shes learned that crying and complaining are a effective ways of getting whats he wants. So I'm fighting a daily battle to change her habits and re-mold her.

Its a balance of having fun and rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. I'm not a fusing/yelling kind of person but I find myself doing it more because its effective. It seems to be the only thing she responds too. So until she realizes that things can go smooth if she just listens to what I say and does her part I have to be a drill seargent.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I'm so proud of you my friend for taking the bull by the horns,in mentoring your daughter,no one ever said parenting was easy,but the rewards of watching them make it in this world is priceless!

Jessica said...

Love and discipline that's what all kids need.

Chatterbox said...

kids WANT rules and boundries...even if they don't realize it. Your job as a parent is to provide and establish both.
Keep up the good workn daddy!!!

Sha Boogie said...

I'm not looking forward to the mind games I'm going to have to play with my son when he becomes that age. *sigh*.. good luck! lol Its def a psychological battle and you should win because you're older and smarter, right? yea.. that's not usually how it goes, ha!

Reggie said...

Good luck with that..........

I have a daughter and a son; and they're about as different as night and day. One of the things about children that I didn't know when I became a parent is that they maintain their personalities. When my son was an infant (he's 21 now); if his diaper was clean and he was fed, he kept to himself. He got a job at 15 and he's paid for just about everything he's had since then. He is and always has been independent and he doesn't require a lot of attention. He doesn't always make good decisions, but he's quick to say that it's HIS decision.

When my daughter was an infant (she'll be 20 in 2 months); if she knew anyone was within 100 feet of her she wanted to be held. She was clingy.....she's a college student now and she still is. She works too, but she's not above trying to turn on the waterworks to get what she wants. I make it a point to say no to her when she does that, but she does it all the same. She is and always has been high maintenence and she feels a need to be around people constantly. She is a good student.

They both have good qualities and bad, but they're both the same people that they were when they were infants. They haven't really changed. It's our role as parents to guide them and try and give them good habits and a sound direction. But at some point.....it's on them.

I'm proud of my children and I love them dearly, but I clearly understand why animals eat their young.