27 December 2010

My Chritsmas

Merry Christmas folks... I hope you had a good one. Heres my christmas adventure.

This was the first christmas where LMS would wake up at my house. This meant I had to hide gifts and wrap them after hours. It was cool, I never really got to experience christmas morning thru her eyes before.

Before I get to that though let me touch on my tree. Now I have a beautiful fake tree. it's pre-lit and wonderful. This year I let my sister borrow my beautiful fake tree and decided to go all out and buy a real one. As a adult I've never had a real tree but thats no reason LMS can't enjoy it. So one cold windy day we went to the tree lot to see what they had. After walking the lot and explaining to LMS that a 15ft tree simply would not fit in the house we settled on a 8 ft tree. I think it was 8ft I don't know for sure, it was definitely too big to be straped to the top of my car. Wanna see? Here you go:

Yeah I know I need a truck... So As they were tieing the tree to the roof I realized that I might need some help getting it in the house. So I called my lil cousin and told him to meet me at home. After driving 10mph all the way home I was able to carry the tree to the door. For whatever reason I didnt realize how wide the tree was, I swear it didn't look that big in the lot. Maybe because the lot didn't have doors and a celing. Anyway cuzzo gets there and we carried it in the house. We propped it up against the wall while we set up the stand.

Once the tree was in the stand the damn thing would not stay up... it kept tilting over so we put it in the corner till I could figure out a solution. I was perplexed as to why it wouldnt stay striaght till I realized the tree was crooked. Not put in the stand crooked but the trunk was crooked! I ended up shimming the bottom of the stand to the damn thing would stand straight. So now I had a tree in front of the window but no lights. Remember my fake tree was prelit so I never worried about lights. I bought a box of 100 LED lights, they were cool looking but 100 lights isn't enough to really do anything. I bought another 100 and was still not happy with my trees brightness. By this time I had spent $150 a tree and tree extras and I refused to spend another dime. 200 lights would have to do. Besides LMS didn't care she just wanted candy canes.

Then there were the pine needles.... I've been sweeping up needles for weeks. I can't stand it, I cut the bottom of the tree and it has plenty of water but the damn thing keeps dropping needles. I can't wait till I can take it down just so I can shake the shyt out of it and watch the needles fall. I'm happy it lasted till x-mas and if I get another real one next year I'll do a better picking one.

A couple days before christmas I was talking to my sister and asked where we were having dinner. She said that my mom said dinner was at my house.... oh really?? well I'm glad someone told me... smh thats family for you. So I quickly put together a menu: Hickory Smoked Ham, mac and cheese, brussel sprouts, cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes. I suck at managing my time when cooking for large groups so the mashed potatoes got shelved, everything else came out really good though. I used a Neely recipe for the ham that involved smoking on the grill it and making a glaze with Jack Daniels. Anytime I can get on my grill and put liquor in my food I'm happy.

Christmas morning was fun, LMS woke me up around 7am and we went downstairs. She got lots of barbie stuff and some girly legos. My mom got her Just Dance Kids for the wii.... I got my neice the MJ experience so the rest of the day was spent playing dancing games. Overall it was a great time.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday as much as I did!


chele said...

Merry Christmas!

Monique said...

That ham looks so good....Oh yea, nice tree. LOL

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Nice tree. It doesn't look bad at all with the 200 lights. LOL @ shake the shyt out of it.

Colleen said...

Merry Christmas Dave!!!

Christmas Morning with the kids is THE BEST!!!