15 January 2010

Talk to me

Aight so I realized I have not posted in over a week. I wish I could say something like I was locked up or on the run but truth is I just have not felt like posting. Before the new year I told myself I was going to do a ask me anything post and I completely forgot about it. So since I have been uninspired I'll go head and open the floor to any questions you have have for me. This includes any questions you may have asked in a comment that I never answered or anything else you have been dying to know. I'll post the answers on Wed maybe, That should give people enough time to get some questions in. You can ask anything but I may ignore your question or half answer it. Hey thats life right. Don't worry you can always ask a anonymous question if you don't want to be known... lol

So ask me anything.....

btw I did this back in '08. If you wanna see what people asked me then check out Gotta Question