22 January 2010

Random Thoughts Friday...

You remember when every friday was "Random thoughts friday" around here? yeah it's been a while. I don't really have anything to blog about but I wanted to do some random stuff...

- Just to update, I have been seeing LMS. Her mom played games a lil but all was well until this week. Then certian people got certian court papers and decided to ignore my calls and texts. So I have not seen LMS since last thursday. We'll see what the weekend brings.

- The BM did file charges against me for stealing my own car. I wasn't really suprised by that what I was suprised by was her description of me. She described me as "short and extra heavy"... lmao Honestly my first thought was "Bitch you real petty!" but then I laughed about it. I told my cousin and he said "What are you a sandwhich? Let me get a short with extra heavy!"... needless to say we had a good laugh over it.

- The last quarter of 09 was my worst finacialy ever... I know I mentioned it before but I'm really going to get a PT job just to pay my lawyer. Either that or I'll be slanging man-gina and cupcakes in a town near you lol

- I had jamican roti for the first time last weekend. actually I've eating alot of jamican food the last couple weeks. Roti is good though, I can recommend it. Of course as soon as I have it someone *cough* Jas *cough* tells me Trini Roti is better. Damn foodies

- Last weekend my mom calls me and says she has 2 flat tires... I go over there and take a look, sure enough 2 flats on the same side of the car. I jack up the car and take the tires to the local gas station. Dude asks where my mom lives and says there are alot of kids slashing tires over there... sure enough there are 2 slits in both tires. Damn bastard suburban teens!!!

- I realized I don't have many real friends but the ones I do have will stab you for me... thats a blessing. lol

20 January 2010


Aight so first off I didn't get nearly as many questions as I thought I would. this is a good thing though I dislike nosy people.. lol Anyway on to the Q&A, I'm not mentioning who asked what because I'm being lazy....

Being the serial monogamist that you are, do you ever think you'll really settle down? I mean, really? Or do you just like the idea of being in a relationship?

People in my real life actually call me a serial monogamist, it's funny. Honestly I think I will, dating is getting old to me. Even the idea of new p*ssy is boring. The older I get the more I realize I'm not missing anything, my priorities have changed. I look at life different. I'm like Brett Farve, every season I want to retire then training camp starts, I see the young kids doing it and I miss the game and want to play again. I have to remember the game don't change just the players and even the best players lose a step after 30... lol

Do you like Lady Gaga?

At first I thought she was crazy as hell, but then I saw her on Oprah and realized she is just quirky. Being a quirky and eccentric person myself I can appreciate it. That and LMS loves her records for some reason. So yeah she aight.

Are u well versed in Guccinese?

fyi Guccinese is the language Gucci Mane speaks, if your north of the mason dixon line you may confuse this a crackhead talk or a person speaking with marbles in his mouth.

I can barely understand Guccinese if I tilt my head to the side, squint and focus on a picture of a dodo bird. I recently got Rosetta stone to try and learn it but I was disappointed that they don't teach it.

Why Van Buren?

Didn't I tell the Van Buren story? it was given to me by a friend who thought the Van B in my screen name was short for Van Buren. She thought it was my real last name lol... I got such a kick out of it that I kept it.

Did you truly think the pull out method was a form of birth control and that you wouldn't eventually impregnate your girl?

lol.. NO, I'm not that much of a dummy. Honestly I was playing Russian Roulette and pulled the trigger 1 too many times. One of many lessons I had to learn the hard way.