04 February 2010

Auto Show

So last week me and Pretty went to the auto show. Here are some random notes from the show sprinked inbetween the picks.

This was a a car signed by celebs for Haiti. How it helps Haiti i have no idea...

Car shows are fun because you get to sit and get a feel for 100's of cars in 1 day. for example me and Pretty sat in a GMC Denali. As soon as we got in Pretty said he felt like a drug dealer... I suggested the Esclade might have a more upscale feel, Nope it just felt like we went from selling crack to coke lol.

Fire Truck, I started to throw all the gear on but yeah I'm a grown ass man lol

Audi Coupe and TT

Pretty decided to flirt with one of the presenters at the ford dealer. She ended up putting him on blast to everyone in microphone range lol. It was the highlight of my night.

WV CC, I approve. Cadillac Concept car, looks fast

We saw a Zoom Zoom energy drink from Mazda. It looked better then all of thier cars...

Random ugly green car.... inside of WV truck

One fun thing to do is jumping into the back seat of a car that has people sitting in the front. It freaks folks out and the usually leave. People don't like riding with strangers, even at a car show lol

Dodge Challenger. Not shown this BAAAD show girl. No lie she had smooth chocolate skin and was gorgeous, pretty flirted with her too with no luck, he was on a roll... lol

We got into a S class benz and there was a dude on a business call. Seemed appropriate.

Challenger again... Me in egg chair, I want one for the man cave (hoodie says "Recession proof hustle")

And just so He can no longer hide in the streets... Pretty!

02 February 2010


Let me start by saying thanks to everyone who commented or reached out on my last post.. I really appreciate all the kind words. Last week was rough, I didn't blog about everything that went on but yeah it was crazy. I felt blessed and cursed all at the same time.... Again, thank you.

Lets rewind back to end of September early October. I was chatting with my cousin "H", filling him in on what was going on with my life. He is the only dude I know who had actually been thru a custody battle and won. I was telling him about my BM issues and about breaking up the the summer GF. He told me something that I didn't really understand. He said "That's probably for the best", I didn't get it at first but he explained that I was about to go thru a long tough process and it's easier to do it single. He explained it and it made sense but I was still thinking that having someone to support you would still be best...

Fast forward to now, I understand what he was saying. While I appreciate all the people in my life who love and support me most days I just want to sit alone in my basement and zone out. At times it drains me to tell people whats going on. Repeating the same story over and over... It's like a bad song on the radio. I almost just want to tell them to read the blog lol. I've learned to laugh about it all just to cope even with that I can't remember the last day I woke up happy. This morning I woke up stressed with all kinds of thoughts going thru my head. Waking up stressed is no fun, trust me.

I just realized Valentines Day was around the corner. How could I forget? well I have court dates right before AND after the holiday. Shyt like that sucks the joy outta holidays for me. I HATE court, I'm sure I mentioned it before. 4 criminal cases in 2 days is some BS... smh. Typing that is funny to me. I've been charged with a crime, all the shyt I did as a kid and I never ended up in the court system. Now I have charges against me... smh

Any way on a funny note... the grammys were straight BS!!! how Flo-Rida going to be up for Best RAP album of the year and BP3 isn't? And what was with that 3D garbage? do they think people just have 3D glasses laying around? You know my cousin Puffy's biggest dream is to win a grammy. I was looking forward to crashing the stage at his acceptance speech till I saw that mess. Ya'll don't need to see me on stage in 3D lol.

Anyway I'll have more happy posts soon, don't want ya'll to think I'm suicidal or murderous. I actually have had some fun and laughs recently.