26 February 2010

Building Empires

A friend of mine sent me this post


I had never been to dudes blog before but damn if I didn't love this post. It was one of them posts you sit back and wish you had written.

While reading it one part stood out to me.

The creation of wealth, empires, buildings, and organizations has since the dawn of time been man’s work. It has been our mark on the world, what we proudly show off to friend and foe alike as our legacy.

It stood out because It got me thinking about my empire. You know the one thats in my head, the one I never work on building. As a kid I used to gather all my G.I Joe's and transformers together and just look at them with pride. It was my lifes work! Lol... So what about now? Besides trying to raise a little girl what will my empire look like? I though about that for a solid day, Thats a long time in my random mind. It doesn't have to be a financial or commercial empire. Just a legacy that i can be proud of.

I tell people to say something nice at my funeral. Not that I'm morbid or anything I would just like to think that if I really really helped or touched you then you would take a moment and talk about it to try and comfort my loved ones. So when I pass my daughter will know her dad did good. Your legacy will be remembered, empires do fall but they are not forgotten.

So my new motto has been “We building legacy's” I told my cousin this when he mentions taking me to the grammys. He's part of my legacy too, when my time is done I want to be able look back on my life with pride.

The point is if people take a moment and think about how they want to be remembered I'm sure they would make better choices.