11 March 2010

99 Problems

I did a couple happy posts, back to real life lol.... This will be a vent post, got alot on my mind and I just want to get it out.

- My criminal cases go to trial this month, honestly I cant think about this without getting upset. Not because I did anything wrong just because I have to defend myself over it. If I'm found guilty of any of this I'll have a shocked look on my face like that baby from the etrade commericals

- The beginning of Feb my BM withdrew LMS from school, did she enroll her somewhere else? nope. Did she tell me that she did it? Nope. I had to go up there and have the school tell me. So I called the board of education and alerted them. Right now my baby is sitting at home with her momma. I'm sure she is trying to "home school" her.. smh. If you didn't know it's illegal to remove a child aged 5-16 from school for more then 14 days, it's called educational neglect. BM will have to explain it to the judge.

- 2 different people on 2 different days called me to say they saw my BM and LMS up at the courthouse. She was up there talking big shyt on me.. sigh, it's good to know people around town though.

- No change on the visitation front, they way our custody agreement is written there is no set time or days she has to let me see LMS. So to get it enforced I'd have to file a motion to have it modified. At this point I'll just wait for the custody hearing instead of filing more stuff and waiting on the slow ass court system to respond.

- Found out in addition to my criminal charges my BM filed a civil suit against me for 5g's. I don't even know what she is claiming. My guess is it's about the car again. This chick is all about the money.

- Still holding on to those 5 pounds I gained during the snow storm, I don't even know why this bothers me but it does.

- My power bills have been off the hook the last couple months, like double what they should be. Come to find out my heat pump was broke. I put a band-aid on it but I'll need a new one soon. house = moneypit

- As much as I love my lawyer and how much he has helpped me this dude is killing me with the bills. I pay him $275 a hour. He bills me for every 6 mintues, which means I paid him $80 to read something. To READ!!! everytime he calls I hear dollar signs, only not the good kind lol

- Got a letter from the courts saying my BM tried to get a restraining order againt me. It was denied. She had no proof I wanted to or tried to harm her. Considering I have not so much as shook this woman's hand in years why would she need a restraining order against me? she maced ME!! I don't even threaten her... smh She reaching to have something negitive against me.

Needless to say I'm a lil stressed, I'm determined to not let it get me down though. Spring is coming and I can finally open the sunroof on my car again... life is getting better!

08 March 2010

Day Trip

This past saturday me and Puffy (@seansundance on twitter) went to NYC. We had every intention of getting into town at 10am. We had a couple things in NY we wanted to do/see and wanted to get a early start. Turns out both of us kinda went out friday night and he didn't get to my house till 8:30 or so now we were shooting for 1pm.

Even though I have driven to NY plenty of times I always forget how much the tolls are, it's like $20 in tolls one way. Next time I'm just taking the train. Anyway driving to NY is all gravy until you hit the NJ turnpike. That is the worst stretch of road alive! the best thing about it is the rest stops which feature overpriced snacks and random places to eat. Where else are you going to see a arther treachers and roy rogers? Anyway the ride was traffic free until we hit the Lincon tunnel, luckily it was a nice day so sitting in traffic was not unbearable.

So our first order of business was to meet up with @kingsmomma and get a burger, this was easier said then done. See I parked in manhatten near times square and she wanted to meet on the Lower East Side which is like 1 billion blocks away. She suggested taking a shuttle then the train. I had no idea what she was talking about but since I have been on the NYC subway before I wasn't worried, I should have been. We got on the nearest train station and I remembered how different the train systems there are. Lets just say 1 hour, 3 trains and 6 blocks of walking later we were met up.

So me and cuzzo met kingsmomma (KM), her sister and her son. In case your wondering KM says I'm taller in person and I sound like I'm from philly. More importantly her son is funny, he randomly scared this white lady in the street and runs in a zig zag pattern, it's great. We went to this burger joint called Paul's, Really good burgers and the waitress was kinda crazy, but in a good way. KM and her sister might me twins separated by a year, I'm not even joking watching them interact was too funny. It's like they talk mentally to each other. I'm sure they complete each others sentences all the time. They collectivly decided to tease on puffy since he was wearing a stocking cap. It was great, I should have stepped in and stopped them but hell I hate his stocking cap too lol. Anyway we had fun. Here's a pic of the burger

After lunch we decided to hit up the FAO Schwarz toys store... why? because it has a huge piano on the floor thats why. After another subway trip we end up at the toy store. FAO has the toy game on lock, while walking around I spotted this lego chewy

and bought my daughter the blackest barbie I've ever seen

Then it was off to dinner with @jazz_kat, @msbehaving and @shesayswhatever. The resturant was across the street from where we parked so I kinda knew how to get there. I didn't trust the train though, I told cuzzo it was about 15 blocks away.... His reply... "thats it?" so away we walked. We ended up getting to the resturant early but we could have been 45min late and still beat msbehaving lol. She got the late title but it's cool, we just waited outside and people watched. New Yorkers are a crazy funny bunch. Here are my mental notes from the evening

- We ate at Havana Central, a cuban place that has a picture of the Dos Equis dude on the wall. No, I'm not joking.

- Jaz is really a diva, everyone else rode the train. Jaz got dropped off via car serivce.

- In case your wondering Jaz feels like I'm her height and says I sound Country with a K and 2 E's. Like I'm from Nashville.

- Shesayswhatever is a Jedi master at people watching, she called me out for taking a candid pic of Jaz. After that I was unable to take my phone out without everyone eyeballing me.

- Shesayswhatever can now be called giggles. She laughs at more stuff then I do.

- Msbehaving is picky about food, She doesn't eat olives or strange looking beans.

- Msbehaving taught me that the all the meat on a rib is not equal. As it closer to the bone it doesn't look as good and should not be eaten, I never knew! lol

After dinner we drove back home, I wasn't even tired until I hit NJ turnpike... Then I had to pop a 5 hour energy. I had never had one before but Let me tell you it does NOT give you energy it just keeps you up. There is a difference lol. Didn't get home till 2am and as soon as I hit my pillow was I out. Of course I woke up a 8am on sunday.... smh

All in all it was a fun day/night, next time well get there earlier and I'll try and meet up with some more of my favorite NY bloggers.