14 April 2010

2 cousins

I have these 2 cousins, they are brothers seaprated by a year. Were all about the same age, Even though you would think they are close they are VERY different people. This was reveled to me again this weekend when I was hanging out with them. As I was riding in the car with "H" we were talking women and relationships and I mentioned how I want to get married. After his "WHAT?, TO WHO?, DAMN!" questions he just said thats good and I hope it works out for you. Mind you he went thru a HORRIBLE divorced with his ex-wife. Still he can be objective, offer some advice and wish me luck.

Fast foward to drinks at the bar. We were at Jaspers in Largo, MD. This is the kind of place that would be really nice if it were in a different part of town. The space is is nice but the crowd is hood as hell. After a couple "This place should have a AIDS scanner at the door" and "This is exactly why I need to get married" jokes my cousin C aks "Who getting married?" then our convo went something like this.

Me: I'd like too
C: Man don't do it!!!
Me: *lol* just because your marrige sucks doesn't mean it don't work
C: True, but there are no happily married people
Me: Dude most my friends are happily married, even after like 5 years
C: Yeah but your a Van Buren!
C: Aint no Van Buren, happily married. That shyt not for us son
Me: Damn why you wanna throw that in there? I'ma just have to buck that trend.
C: Aight man well you know I'ma support you reguardless
Me: Thanks man

The convo continued but you get the idea. C is married with 3 kids and honestly I think he misses the single life. To him marriage is a bad idea. H is divorced and knows what works for him doesn't nessarily work for everyone else. 2 brothers with 2 different outlooks on marriage and life really. It was a reminder how you're not completly a product of your upbringing.

There was a fourth person in our group who congratulated me on just having a marriage THOUGHT. He was like "thats big to even think about it" wth kind of shyt is that? I would say I'm scared for the youth but dude is older then me lol

12 April 2010

Live from the Corner...

If ya'll didn't know, during the day I'm a IT contractor for the Fed Govt. While this is great work sometimes it leads to frusterating situations. Case in point...

My annual Performence review was due in Sept, I didn't get it till Feb. This is part my fault because I forgot about it and didn't ask till December. A good HR department would know it needed to be done and alerted my boss but whatever. So after Feb I hound my boss to get it done so I can get my raise. We finally knock it out and he sends in the paperwork to HQ.

Now I don't work in the same building as HR and in 10 years I've never been to my company's main office. The only time I see HR people is when they come onsite to visit us.

So my paperwork is over at HQ and I hear nothing... couple weeks go by, no raise and no word on anything. So I finally email the HR dept and ask whats up. Thier response? They wanted to hold out on performance reviews because our contract is up for renewal. So I can't get my money because ya'll might not win the contract in a couple months? Even if they don't win the contract they are getting paid off the current contract. It's not like they are paying me out of the petty cash.

So now I'm a lil pissed. Granted I wouldn't have gotten much in a raise buy shyt thats still my money. Now I don't know if I should be rooting for my company to win the contract or not lol, either way I'll have a job.