23 April 2010

RIP Dorothy Height

After causing so many of ya'll to tear up hopefully this post will bring a smile to your face.

I'll be real with you. I didn't really know who Dorothy Height was before she died. This is sad since I walk past the National Council of Nergo Women headquarters everyday on my way to work. That said I busted out laughing when this pic flashed across my TV during the news...

*laser side eye* (c) @shesayswhatever

Now tell me she not giving MLK a serious side eye! My first thought was that she was thinking "This nigga here..." lmao. I mean she leaning over to side eye him! I can not explain how funny it was to me. I almost felt bad for laughing about it.... almost.

Any way RIP to a wonderful lady who spent her life trying to make our society a better place. We need more side eye wielding people like her.

Have a good weekend folks

21 April 2010

I saw her...

I was kinda hesitant to tell this story, I don't like having to relive the moment and the emotions. I usually puts me in a bad mood. That said feel like I should share just so ya'll can keep up.

Lets rewind 2 weeks ago. I'm talking with a lady from the school system trying to gathering up some records for my impending custody case and she tells me that LMS is in fact enrolled in school. She tells me where and it's about 20 min away. I was in shock since I thought LMS was sitting at home with her mom. Looks like my BM up and moved to a new city and enrolled LMS in a new school. So I talk to the lady and she gives me the information I need. I let her know I'll swing past the school the next day just to say hi to my baby.

Next day I head over to the school. Everyone is pleasant at first, I tell them who I am and why I'm there. They mention how LMS looks just like me and direct me to her class. Class is empty (kids are at lunch) but I see LMS's teacher down the hall. She immediately says "You need to go to the office". I explain that I already had been to the office and I showed her my hall pass. This was funny because I don't think I have ever had a hall pass in my life lol. She goes into the office ahead of me and as I walk in all I hear her say is "Well I've seen it!" then she walks in the back. I'm in the lobby confused as to whats going on. I look at the receptionist and ask if there is a problem? She explains that apparently my BM showed the teacher some paperwork saying I was not allowed to see LMS. Confused, I asked if I could see this "paperwork". They didn't have it on file.. O_o So they called up BM. I meet with the Vice Principle to try and get some clarification and he explains that if there is legitimate docs that limit me from seeing LMS then he has to follow them. I explain that I fully understand that but there is nothing that I have seen that says that. I also mention that if she really really had legit docs then they should have been put in LMS's records and not just shown to a teacher. Either way BM says she is going to fax over the docs so I go to the lobby to wait.

While waiting the receptionist lady is talking to me and mentions how both BM and I seem like pleasant people and she didn't understand how 2 pleasant people couldn't get along. I just say I don't want to talk bad about her and leave it at that. By then I was nervous and pissed at the same time. I was sitting in that office looking like the bad guy. Like i was some kind of asshole who wasn't ALLOWED to see his baby and I was trying to get over by sneaking in her school. After about 10 min the VP tells me that my BM is coming up to the school, cool because I really want to see what she showed them. I was thinking she made up some papers and showed them to the teacher instead of the principle since the teacher wouldn't ask the proper questions.

40 min later my BM shows up, I don't even want to look at her. She goes in the back to talk with the VP. About 10 min after that the police show up. They walk in and I KNOW she called them on me, I speak to them knowing full well I did nothing wrong. They proceed to go meet with her, I'm back to waiting. People go in and out of the office but nobody really speaks to me. I'm thinking this is a good sign since if it was as simple as "here is the paper" then the police would read it and ask me to leave. My guess is they are explaining to her that she is full of it. About 15min later the police come out. They say that she has nothing, I have every right to be there and they are leaving to go fight actual crime. Basically BM was making shyt up and trying to twist facts to make her look good. I thank them for their time and go back to waiting.

Then the VP comes out.... he apologies for everything and explains that my BM is withdrawing LMS from school for the day. I ask if that means I can go see LMS and he says that I would have to ask my BM. I already know the answer to that but just for shyts and giggles I wait. She comes out and I ask her if I can go give LMS a hug. In front of all those folks who looked at me crazy and like I was the bad guy she says "you most certainly may not!" So in the interest of not causing anymore of a scene at the school I walked out to the parking lot.

I jump in my car and pull up to the front of the school. I decided I'd just wait for them to come out, not to kick her ass but just to see LMS and let her know I was alive. After all it had been 3 months. So after a couple min LMS and her mom walk out. I get out my car and I swear LMS looked at me like I was a ghost. Maybe the sun was in her eye and maybe I was kinda far away but it took her a min to recognize me. Once she did she started crying said she missed me and wanted to go with me. As her mom dragged her by the arm to their car, I told her I missed her too and I would see her soon. *cue heartbreak*

I spoke to the school again and they said I was free to come in and hang out in LMS's class, They know they messed up but I really need to talk to her teacher. She acted on something she was told and not actual fact. I'm sure she already has a opinion of me based on what my BM said to her, Granted it's a wrong but it's still something I would have to address before I'm all up in her class.

So for about 2 minutes I saw my little girl. It was both the highlight and saddest part of the day. Now if you excuse me I'ma go make a drink.

19 April 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I didn't do much this weekend, It was too windy to really go out so I just lounged around the house. I did re-organize some stuff and realized I might have a hoarding problem. Yes ME!!! take a look at this

I counted 30+ hats! It was crazy, I had them everywhere. Sad part is I have no intention of tossing any out lol.

I also moved 1 step closer to dying early. Yup I ate a Double Down from KFC.

And I liked it!!! no really it's pretty good, if you can get past the greasiness of holding a piece for fried chicken. You know what would put it over the top? take 1 breast, make it spicy and put it with that sauce, bacon and cheese on some a bun. That sandwich would be awesome. I might buy a double down and make it 2 of them lol.

Here is my complete KFC story. I'm in line thinking about how much of a fat bastard I am for even considering getting this thing. I notice they have a combo for it. A combo?!? they really are trying to kill people. I breifly thought about getting the combo... lol but I remembered my girl telling me to drink lots of water because the double down had like 1300mg of sodium in it. So I decided to focus on just the sandwich, no need to add fries and a soda on top of that. I mean I AM trying to lose weight right?

After I ordered there was a family behind me. 3 Kids aged ~7 to 12. ALL of them ordered the double down combo! Their momma was right there. I wanted to call child protective services, she don't love them kids. That BS is exactly why our children are overweight. Them meals were close to 900 calories. Even if it was "treat" night for dinner. You can pick something better for them to eat. #endrant lol