28 April 2010

My Weekend in Pics

I apologize to everyone who follows me on twitter and has probably already seen these pictures.

Friday I decided to plant some veggies and herbs. Ya'll do remember that I garden right? yeah in pots on my deck lol.

Here's the plant breakdown. I got yellow cherry tomato, a heirloom tomato, Lemon Boy tomato, cilantro, basil, cinnamon basil, Habanero peppers and mint. i really should have taken a "after" pic but oh well.

Now if you know me you know I can't resit random things so when I saw Lemon tomatoes and cinnamon basil I had to get it. I have no idea what I will use them in though.

Saturday was kind of a chill day, I did spot this at the bank

yup, zebra pajama pants... Damn kids.

Then I went to go fix this ladies computer, She's a nice lady but I was a little worried when I saw this on her door

uuummmm yeah.... Luckily it was a very easy fix and that translated to easy $$$.

On Sunday I went fishing for some rockfish. First time this year, it was such a beautiful day...

Yeah I was FREEZING!!! I always under dress to go fishing and I always end up being cold. After 6-7 hours on the water we didn't catch anything. Not 1 bite, normally I don't mind if we catch anything since I like being on the water but shyt I was cold lol. Only saving grace was no other boats caught anything either. The storm from the night before must have scared the fish.

That was my weekend in short...

damn! I finally have 100 people following me on google, I guess I'll have to blog more to make sure ya'll don't get bored and leave me lol.