06 May 2010

I Saw Her... pt 2

So when we left our story I had seen LMS at her school crying and being dragged to a car. Fast forward almost a month and a couple court filings later, my BM offers to let me see LMS under "supervised" visitation. When she originally said this I explained that I didn't need to be supervised but I would be happy to pick her up. BM balked at the idea and insisted that it be supervised. I decline since our court date was in a couple days and I figured I'd be granted a visitation schedule anyway.

BM decides not to show up for court... again. So instead of the judge just granting me what we requested they re-schedule for yet another day. So that weekend I hit BM up and reluctantly agree to "supervised" visitation. I mean at least I'll be able to spend time with my baby even if it's under a less then ideal conditions. We agree to meet at a park, she brings LMS, 4 other kids and her dad (LMS granddad). I guess he was there as the "supervisor".

Seeing LMS was great, we played around and had tons-o-fun, minus her mom being there it was just like before. She asked about a couple of her toys and remembered a promise I made about buying a dog... lol, She ignored her friends for the most part and just wanted to be around me. I almost forgot what it's like for someone to yell "daddy" every 3 minutes. She mentioned how she missed me and how she was crying for me. I told her that I missed her too and it would be over soon enough. Funny thing is that my lawyer mentioned since I had not seen her in so long that it might take some adjusting for her to get used to being around me again. While I understood his logic I knew that it wouldn't be a problem for us. She is my baby, a couple months wouldn't change our relationship. I only played with her for a hour before her mom decided to leave but that hour recharged my batteries, seeing how excited she was just have have me around was exactly what I needed.

Next I'll share the story of my court ordered parenting class I attended... it was great for all the wrong reasons lol