26 May 2010


• I finally got some court ordered visitation. Of course the first day of it BM was 2 hours late. At least she showed, I was expecting her to ignore the court order. So me and the baby hung out some this weekend, we had fun she finally got to play with that barbie I bought her from NY. Remember last post when I mentioned her having on basketball shoes? on here is what I mean:

They are P Miller's... MASTER P!! does he even make shoes anymore? I doubt it because LMS mentioned she got them from her brother. Her brother is 8 years older then her so again these are just old ass shoes. Notice the one on the left doesn't even have a tounge.... After I dropped LMS off to her mom I went and picked her up some girls shoes.

• I beginning to like musicals. My Neice asked me to take her to see Susical the musical.

She's all into preforming arts and a couple of her friends were in the play. I'm not going to lie I liked it! it was put on by a local preforming arts group and they did a pretty good job. granted it wasn't perfect and they messed up a couple times but I enjoyed it. Between that and being forced to watch Glee, I'm starting to come around to the whole musical thing. LMS will be in preforming arts in the fall.

• I was on a closet cleaning kick this weekend. I cleaned 2 of my closets and ended up with 4 30 gallon trash bags full of trash and a 30 gallon bag stuffed with clothes to donate. Yup I'm a hoarder! The amount of clothes that I have that both fit and I'd still wear is small. I ended up donating half my clothes, I need to go shopping.

• Speaking of hoarding I saw on the news this black couple was trapped in their house for weeks after rubbish fell on them. They were 70 y/o hoarders and when the trash fell on the wife her husband tried to help. Only to have it fall on him too. Thing is they are still alive! weeks stuck under trash and they lived. I need to hear how they did that.

• I smoked some brisket not long ago. Came out pretty good, I might try it again this summer and see if I can't perfect it. I know it looks like a burnt chunk of meat but trust me it was good.

Be on the lookout for Dave's BBQ truck on a corner near you!

• My plants are growing pretty good. I used miracle grow on them and that stuff works wonders. Only thing is my mint plant (bottom left) is in a crappy pot so I might need to move it.