09 July 2010

All In... pt 2

My day at court didn't go as I expected, I didn't lose but I didn't win either. At best it could be described as delayed. Long day and story short the judge didn't have time to hear the whole case and was more interested in starting his vacation than deciding custody. A case that was scheduled for 3 hours was given 1.5 hours. He stopped the hearing short and decided to continue it in September...

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, while I'm sad as I type this I'm not discouraged. All good things come in time, I've been waiting a a year And as usual "nobody said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it"

Anyway its going to be a LONG 3 months...

All In

Today I go to court to find out if I get custody of LMS... Just about 11 months after I started this process I'll finally get some resolution. Sooo much of LMS and my future depends on this decision, I feel like I'm shoving all my chips on the table at a poker tournament. If I lose I'll be crushed, if I win I can't even explain how happy and relieved I will be. While I'm 90% sure I will win custody I still ask that ya'll send up a prayer for me. Win or lose Thanks to everyone who reads this blog an provides kind and encouraging words, Ya'll are really the best readers ever.

06 July 2010

Hood Flashback

Did I ever post a pic of my neighbors yard? The ones I think are hoarders I know I posted it on twitter but I'm not sure if I mentioned it here... anyway these are my neighbors....

notice the fridge, mattress and other random crap? yeah they have lived there a lil over a year. HOARDERS!!! I mention this not because my neighbors provided me a funny story this weekend.

See I was minding my business in my room watching TV when I heard alot of talking outside, at first I ignored it but after someone says "that's crazy" 20 times you kinda get curious. So I peep out the window and notice 2 police cars in the parking lot. I also hear a police officer saying "You can either apologize or go to jail" he was talking to my neighbors son/cousin/brother (some young dude that lives there,I should mention that like 8 people live in this 3br house). Anyway his parents/guardians were out there too, The kid (he's 19) finally apologizes and they all head back in the house. As the parents lecture him on how dumb he is and how he was about to be locked up I'm left confused.. I had no idea what just happened or why he was apologizing or even WHO he was apologizing too, I just couldn't see the whole situation from my window. I shrug my shoulders and go back to bed.

The next day... I'm outside wrapping up some yard work and the mom/guardian asks me if I noticed drug traffic in and out her house... I mention that I see lots of teens but I never noticed a drug sale. She mentions how her son/dependent went out to a party, got so white boy wasted that he passed out in the back of our neighbors car. not HIS car, not even his parents car. NO out neighbors car! she must have left it unlocked and dude felt like the backseat was comfy. Our neighbor came out in the morning saw a strange 5'10 black man with dreads sleep in the back seat of her car and called the police lol hell I don't even blame her.... So that's what all the apologizing was about, dumbass.

So that was my #hoodflashback moment of the weekend....